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Theory of Comparative Advantage Research Paper

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Using the Theory of Comparative Advantage, please analyze the company’s overall supply-chain strategies:

a.After reviewing the overall T-system, what are the company’s core competencies?

b.What segment of the transformation will you outsource to better focus on core competencies?

c.What opportunity costs did you consider?

Please defend using Theory of Comparative Advantage (i.e. How will you utilize the previously allocated resources to enhance the operations?

Here is the link for the company you must use to finish this paper:

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Comparative Advantage in Liuyishou HotPot Restaurant
Comparative Advantage in Liuyishou HotPot Restaurant
Comparative advantage refers to the ability of an entity to produce goods and services at
the lowest opportunity cost. Countries must use the theory of comparative advantage when they
seek to enter international trade because they only produce that commodity that they can sell to
others at a higher price while they purchase that commodity that they can acquire at a low cost.
The theory of comparative advantage suggested by David Ricardo posits that countries ...

Marrie (19133)
Carnegie Mellon University

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