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just write the conclusion for the final report below i have attached the final report.

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Executive Summary Silverlight agreed to build building a database for Mercy Valley Hospital. This is to help Mercy Valley Hospital switch from their current physical way, a paper-based system to a more secure and modern system to keep track of their patients’ information and history, doctors’ and nurses’ information, medicines, bills, upcoming appointments, etc. The hospital has stated that their paper-based method has brought about slowness, loss of medical records, and loss of important information about the patients and staff members. This method worked for them for some time, but as this hospital continues to grow, they realized they needed a better system. The goal of this project is for Silverlight Database Consulting to provide a user-friendly database system that is easy to operate and can get quick and fast data that will be secure and help reduce data anomalies and redundancies while increasing data integrity. The Executive Summary will serve as a summary and introduction to the report, while the following four sections will explain each aspect of the project in more detail. The final section should be an appendix, which provides supporting the project. More specific information on each section is listed below. Be sure to add graphs, tables, and images to your report – but of if they contain SIGNIFICANT information and are RELEVANT to the section in which they are placed. Sections 2-5 make up the body of the report and together should be no more than 10 pages in length. Font style is Times New Roman, size is 12 and single spaced. 1. Executive Summary The executive summary previews the main points of the report in non-technical language. It contains enough information to generally familiarize a reader with the report, but is should NOT simply be an outline of the report. It should be no more than 1/10 the length of the report. Purpose and Objectives Our team build a database for Mercy Hospital to make data more accessible for the workers. We are providing better database security for Mercy’s database to prevent the loss of information or a breach. By adhering to our clients request we will be outputting secure and accurate data. No redundancy, no risk, or mitigation errors. The existing technology used for this addressing the needs were access to the hospitals database. Using oracle for the database and SQL as the language for coding. We communicated closely with MVH, who serves as quality assurance, to monitor improvements made. Lastly, the electronic collaborative documentation was posted on the worksite. This section should include information about the need(s) the project is addressing the sponsor involved in the project. Include information about the existing technology or science involved in addressing the need(s). (If there is no information available, explain why and how your team is making its research on the needs) Organization and Approach To begin with, we as a team chose this project because we had a like-minded mindset that we all wanted to learn more about databases either because we were currently working with databases or had plans in the future to do DB work. We originally came to the understanding that YouTube would be our teachers throughout this process and if anything we needed help with we could search it up and easily find the answer. Our first task was to really just read through and understand the business rules and background of the project given to us. For about 2 weeks we all bounced back and forth between the business rules and installing Oracle MySQL in which we came into a short problem where MySQL was only working on one of our group members laptop. In lieu of MySQL only operating on 1 laptop, this is how we came up with the breakdown of our weekly tasks. On the terms of distributed work, team member Moni was team leader in which she frequently checked in to make sure that all members were actively working on tasks for said week. When weekly status reports were due, Moni, Sheyi, and Anthony split this task up: one week moni did it, the other Anthony and Sheyi split up the task. As a group we thought this method was useful for us because team member Moni already had to input any data that was received/collected by herself based on her laptop being the only one that worked with the program. We used this system week by week through the end of the database creation. Some tools that were used were Orcale MySQL, and YouTube. We all seemed to have to have very strong research skills when we did not know how to implement something. We can say that during the beginning stages of the project ITEC 315 which is database management helped us a lot in which we used the business rules skill learn from there on how to build our ERD based on the rules provided. When choosing our number of entities, we were originally told by our client that we would get a flash drive with all the information on it but were later able to come up with our own data as the flash drive was apparently 40GB of data which was found to be too much by our client. This section explains in task-oriented terms how the work activities of the project were conducted. List which tools, skills, and methods were used to achieve the results and why they were chosen by the team. Delivered Solutions In this section, describe the final results of the project made by the project team. The results include screenshots with detailed explanations. Conclusion In this section, state conclusions made by the team at the close of the project. Also state and describe limitations and improvements for future direction. Limitations and improvements can be action steps through which additional, more effective, or less costly project work can be conducted. Appendix Work Breakdown Structure and a list of tasks performed by each team member MUST be included as appendices. ...
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Hello! I have attached thee conclusion written in a separated document. All the best and thank you :).

A modern computerized system will be of great benefit to Mercy Valley Hospital in various
ways. One of them is that it will enable the facility to assure patients of the privacy of their data.
Such data will not be accessible to other unwarranted parties. Further, the process will be largely
essential in enabli...

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