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Northeastern University Espresso Lane to Global Markets Case Study Paper

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Read the following case to prepare for the case brief:

"The Espresso Lane to Global Markets" (Course Pack)

Suggested Guidance Questions for Brief Analysis

  1. Which variables from the case are the most important in Reale's decision-making?
  2. How should Reale prioritize the foreign markets? Which markets Reale should consider first? Why?
  3. What mode of entry should Reale consider? Should it be different based on the market selected? What are the relevant variables that should impact the decision?

Guidelines for case briefs:

  1. Briefs should not exceed 500 words. In addition, you can append your own explanatory exhibits that summarize your own analysis to support your position. Each exhibit you decide to include must be referred to in your brief with a clear explanation of the exhibit's contribution. Although you must answer all questions provided with the case, your brief should NOT be written as a homework assignment (e.g. Question 1 then Answer, and so on). Rather you should start with an introductory paragraph where you identify the key issue(s) explaining why this (these) is (are) the key issue(s); then you provide clear recommendations or solutions to the key issue(s) supported by robust analysis. Remember to show alternatives you considered and why you may have rejected these. Case questions might be the key issue(s) or at minimum they direct you to the key issues(s). Use these case questions to help you in identifying the key issue(s) or at minimum they direct you to the key issue(s). Use these case questions to help you in identifying the key issue(s) and support your arguments.
  2. An excellent brief will:
    • Identify key issues that help you answer specific case questions posted with the case and, if you choose, identified by you.
    • Explain and support your stated positions and the case facts by using concepts/theories learned from your readings, from the lectures, or from your own research. This is very important: Cite all sources you use to support your ideas.
    • Focus on clear answers supported with facts from the case. Make, articulate, and support assumptions as necessary. Don't summarize the case and/or provide case details that do not pertain specifically to your answers. A case is unlikely to be focused entirely on the material covered in the chapters of the specific week in which it is assigned. Hence, you should broaden your theoretical lens to include all lessons studied up to this point.
    • Evaluate the financial implications of your recommendations (when appropriate to the case).
    • Be well organized. Remember that the substance of your brief should be made clear by its form.

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Final Answer


Running head: MPI CASE BRIEF


MPI Case Brief
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MPI Case Brief
Which variables from the case are the most important in Reale's decision-making?
The sales of Illy coffee, per capita income and projected market growth are the essential
variables in Reale's decision-making. The company should focus on the sales of Illy coffee in
each nation to assist it in determining to determine each country’s past sales of this product
(Ilan & Lohwasser, 2012). Second, Reale should look at the projected market growth
percentage of coffee sales. This variable will offer the company the opportunity to evaluate
the relationship between its potential market growth and the maximum profit that it can earn
from getting into various markets (Ilan & Lohwasser...


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