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West Chester University Ubers Corporate Level Strategies Report

West Chester University of Pennsylvania

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Part 1 (UBER)
1- Executive summary of the firm ( History and executive's leadership, Mission,vision, and core value) (*Power point only*) (About 7 minutes)

2-Corporate level Strategies ( Related and unrelated Diversification methods) **Power point and Final report {2-3 pages}**

Part 2 (Starbucks)
SMALL assignment of 2 questions about Starbucks strategies (2 pages)

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Corporate Level Strategies
Thesis statement: With the right corporate strategies, a company can grow and have a
competitive advantage in whichever industry that they operate.
1. Uber’s Corporate-Level Strategies
2. Starbucks

How did Starbucks create its uniqueness in the first place? Why was it so successful
(Until the mid-2000s)?

Why and how did Starbucks lose its uniqueness and struggle in the mid-2000s?


Corporate Level Strategies
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Uber’s Corporate-Level Strategies
Corporate-level strategies are actions that a company can take to help with the growth of
the firm and also expanding operations. Uber has grown from a small startup in the American
west coast to a global firm that has operations across all the inhabited continents. The company
has had to put in some very innovative strategies to enable them to grow within ten years, and
they are also introducing newer strategies to help with the delivery of more revenue into the
company. With the right corporate strategies, a company can grow and have a competitive
advantage in whichever industry that they operate.
The first strategy has been that of vertical integration. Uber has invested in the
development of technology that they use as opposed to the process of outsourcing this
technology. The method has been effective in lowering the costs of operating and opening new
locations where they have operations. The process helps with the delivery of services that the
company offers without incurring significant expenses in the development t of the infrastructure
that is n...

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