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In your essay, make sure you address the following:

1. Describe the significance of the corn industry to the US and why fighting corn pests is important to the agriculture industry. Provide statistics and/or figures as appropriate.

2. Summarize the "evolutionary battle" between the Western corn rootworm and scientists trying to control it.

3. What are some Genetic modifications that scientists have made to the corn to fight the root worm? What are their limitations?

4. Describe the latest RNAi technology being used against the rootworm. Is it effective? Are there any concerns about this?

5. How is European farming different than American farming? Are there lessons to be learned from these differences? If you were a farmer with 10,000 acres of land in Iowa, how would you choose to farm it to be profitable and provide the world with abundant nutrition?

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Running head: CORN INDUSTRY


Corn Industry


Corn Industry

1. Significance of the corn industry to the U.S, and importance of fighting corn pests to
the agriculture industry
Whereas the United States is recognized for the extensive assortment of harvests that its
agriculturalists are capable of growing and selling, around 90 % of the current grain production
is largely in the type of corn. In particular, around 80 million acres of land are being utilized for
corn production per year, which is a figure that has been recently growing (Nordhaus, 2017).
According to Foley (2013), the primary rationale behind the high yield of corn in America is that
it characterizes as a highly prolific and multipurpose produce, reacting to venture capitals in
studies, propagation, and marketing. Additionally, apart from being able to grow almost
everywhere in America, corn can also be converted into an overwhelming assortment of items
for consumption, including foodstuff like sweet corn, cornmeal and hominy, as well as a
livestock feeds, and in ethanol production, corn molasses or even bio-centered plastics. On the
other hand, combating corn pests, through ways such as integrated pest management, abbreviated
IPM, helps in safeguarding from harvest deficits. More specifically, IPM procedures provide
growers with suppleness, worthy application of incomes, prospects to upsurge produces and
incomes, innovative expertise and decreased prospective for the resistance of unwanted plants
(Crop Science, 2018).
2. Evolutionary battle between the Western corn rootworm and scientists trying to
control it
According to Nordhaus (2017), the western corn rootworm, scientifically termed as
Diabrotica virgifera virgifera, classifies as the most costly and far-reac...

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