Week 5 Law Enforcement Benefit Privacy Issues Article Analysis



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The news article has to have something to do with this week's objectives:


Upon completion of this week, you will be able to:

  1. Describe the three traditional patrol methods and what the results of the Kansas City study revealed about their effectiveness.
  2. Discuss the value of various patrol innovations, including evidence-based policing, predictive policing, and smart policing.
  3. Discuss the issues and perspectives behind decisions on how to deploy personnel on patrol.
  4. Explain alternative strategies in use to better combat certain types of crime.
  5. Discuss the innovations to police detective operations motivated by the Rand study and other research.
  6. Identify alternatives to retroactive investigation of past crimes by detectives.
  7. Explain how crime analysis and information management benefits law enforcement, including examples of recent technology in this area.
  8. Describe some of the proactive tactics employed by investigators.

Week 5 News and Media Review

Each assignment will consist of a posting of a relevant news article or media or story relating to the topics for the week. The students will upload the topic with a link to the article or story and discuss the relevancy to the readings. 300 word minimum. [LO 1-8]

Review the News and Media Review Rubric for grading guidelines.

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One of the objectives highlighted is the use of crime analysis and information
management in law enforcement and the types of technology available for these processes. In
Elliott, (2019) the author highlights the expansion of DNA analysis technology with the influx of
websites like 23andme.com and Ancenstry.com that make it possible to trace one’s origin. The
implication of these exercis...

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