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Nguyen, Q. T. K. (2017) Multinationality and performance literature: a critical review and future research agenda. Management International Review, 57 (3). pp. 311­347. ISSN 1861­8901 doi: https://doi.org/10.1007/s11575­016­0290­y Available at http://centaur.reading.ac.uk/61031/

The Dynamics of Regional and Global Multinationals, 1999-2008 By Hoon Oh, Chang; M. Rugman[dagger], Alan

Success Factors of Regional Strategies for Multinational Corporations: Exploring the Appropriate Degree of Regional Management Autonomy and Regional Product/Service Adaptation

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Operations in multi agency corporations


Operations in multiagency corporations
A multi-agency corporation is a legal organization, and that is created to protect its
members from financial liability. From this, most multi agencies have been able to overgrow and
increased their operations throughout the world. Most of the corporation currently has the power
to influence the national economies of a specific country. The main aim of multi-agency
corporation s usually is to make a profit and a vast one to be accurate. It is often the primary
objective that even all shareholders of the agencies are geared to achieving. There are many
factors that the multi-agency corporations typically consider to make their profit increase.
Firstly there is market dominance. The multi-agency corporations frequently ensure that
they have a competitive advantage over other agencies in the market. It is achieved by providing
customer-friendly services. More so, that is loved by most of the people in the market. Other
than that, they continuously engage their advertising team such that they are always busy
advertising the services offered by the agency wherever they are. ( Zeng, 2010) Since they have
the right market dominance, they easily survive during the hard times when the economy is so
lean. Also, while most governments usually are against monopoly, a good corporation may end
up dominating the market to the extent of being a monopoly but won't employ the unethical
standards that trusts are generally up to.
Secondly, multi-agency corporations usually are highly innovative and develop most of
their ideas from meetings. ( Zeng, 2010). Most of the ideas generated often are applicable and
lead to reasonable goals in the agency. To achieve a continuously growing corporation, then the
workers and managers must be ready to always come up with new ideas that will help penetrate
the market and get more customers as the days go by. These ideas should also be steered through


an expansion of the market to get more customers for the services that are offered by the
multinational agency.
Thirdly multinational corporations regularly work through to achieve expansion. The
agency should always have ongoing projects that will encourage more stakeholders to invest in
the company. If the plans of the agency are making sense and are of help to the corporation, then
this will attract more stakeholders into the company. Other than that, with an increase in
stakeholders means that the capital equally increases. The ur...

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