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MGMT3123 Week 14 Chapter 11 Managing Human Resource Systems Report


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MGMT 3123 PRINCIPLES OF MANAGEMENT-FALL 2019 (online) ASSIGNMENTS FOR WEEK 14 (week of November 18, 2019 ITEM 1: Read Chapter 11 –Managing Human Resource Systems and take Quiz 11 by Thursday at midnight. Key Points from Chapter 11-Managing Human Resource Systems include: 1. Human resources management is the process of finding, developing, and keeping the right people to form a well-qualified workforce. They are also responsible for overall compensation planning along with top management, and maintaining good employee relations throughout the company. 2. Many employment laws cover all aspects of employment from hiring, evaluating, and training, promoting, and paying. Many of the laws grew out of employer abuses, discrimination, and unequal treatment of employees on the part some managers. Some of the laws governing employees include: Fair Pay Act (1938); Title VII of the Civil Rights Act (1964); Age Discrimination in Employment Act (1967); Civil Rights Act (1991); and the Family Medical Leave Act (1993). Managers must be aware of all of the laws and make sure that they are followed in all cases and will all employees. Penalties can be very severe if laws are not followed. In most organizations, the Human Resources Department trains managers in the various laws that affect them, and monitors employee activities to assure that all employment laws are followed. 3. Finding the best people for specific jobs begins with defining the job requirements (job description of major duties and responsibilities), and developing the job specifications (a summary of the qualifications necessary to do the job successfully). 4. Recruiting (finding the best candidate) can be done either internally and externally, or using both paths. Often the best candidates are found within the company (internal). Once qualified candidates are found, they are screened and evaluated using background checks, references, interviews, and often skills and aptitude tests. 5. After new employees are hired and trained, then their performance on the job is periodically reviewed based on specific and agreed upon goals that have been set, observations of the employee’s behavior, and feedback from customers and coworkers. As a result of performance reviews, training needs are often identified, and training is planned with the manager and the Human Resource Department. 1|Page ITEM 2: Review the videos to gain a better understanding of Human Resource Management. Functions of Human Resource Mgmt. What is Human Resource Mgmt. Item 3: Discussion Board Week 14: Management Article-Post on Discussion Board a Summary of a Management Article that you have read per the instructions below: The article should be on one of the following Management topics: 1. External Environment and its impact on a business 2. Organization Culture and its impact on business performance 3. Globalization and its impact on a business or industry 4. Employee Motivation-what works and leads to above average performance 5. Business Ethics-causes of unethical corporate behavior and solutions 6. Technological Change and its impact on an industry or company 7. Leadership and how it affects organizational performance 8. Diversity and its advantages to a business The posting should include the following information: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Title of article, Source, and Author of article Topic (from list above) and how the article relates to the topic Brief summary of the articles key points Conclusions from the article related to the management topic What you learned about Management from the article Sources of articles can be The Wall Street Journal; The Economist; Bloomberg Businessweek; Forbes Magazine; Fortune Magazine; The New York Times; Washington Post; The Financial Times; Harvard Business Review; MIT Technical Review; Entrepreneur; Inc.; Fast Company; or other related management or business publications. Do not use articles that are just postings on websites and not complete articles. Comment on the posts of at least three other students on their articles and what you may have learned from them. Final Post-summarize some key points about what you have learned from reading other posts. Also answer the questions: What was the best feature of this course on Principles of Management that helped you to learn the most and help to prepare you for your career (e.g. Biz Café Simulation, Manager Interview, quizzes, Discussion Boards, Self-Assessment paper, Final Case Analysis, Learning Journal, other) and explain why? 2|Page Discussion Board is due on Friday by midnight. LATE ASSIGNMENTS ARE NOT ACCEPTED Item 4: Learning Journal. Complete Week 14 Learning Journal entry by the end of the week. Submit complete Learning Journal as an assignment in Blackboard by Friday November 22, 2019 at midnight. Review the instructions for Learning Journal posted on Blackboard and include summary with Learning Journal as explained in the instructions. LATE ASSIGNMENTS ARE NOT ACCEPTED Item 5: Final Case Analysis-Work on Final Case Analysis. Due by Monday December 9, 2019. The complete Instructions are found under the Course Materials tab in Blackboard. ITEM 6: Discussion Board Week 16-America We Live In-A View from 30,000 feet. Prepare of Week 16 Discussion Board by reading the book. Below are the details for the assignment for your reference. Instructions for Week 16 Discussion Board Read any two of the Chapters from 2-8 in the book. 1. Identify 2 trends, conditions, or changes that have occurred or are projected to occur in the two chapters. 2. Discuss how these changes or trends affect you as an upcoming college graduate in terms of your career and/or life in general? 3. Identify what actions you may consider taking to deal with the trend or situation. As an example, in Chapter 6-Our Work, the projections are that there will be many jobs lost due to continuing automation and the development of artificial intelligence, including knowledge jobs such as legal research, accounting, and many others. This trend will limit the number of jobs in many professions in the future. On the other hand the number of jobs in technical fields will increase such as computer 3|Page science, math and engineering. As I result, you might consider more technical fields for a choice of careers. C Vogus Arkansas State University Neil Griffin College of Business 8/2019 4|Page 5|Page ...
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Final Answer


Complete Learning Journal

Week No.

What Learned

Why Important

How I can use


Managers at any
level should be
able to perform all
four major
functions of
leading, and

This information
because when I get
to the management
level, I will
understand and
perform all four
functions of
management to
benefit the

I will use what I have
learned to become a
better leader who can
blend the four
management skills,
which include human
skills, technical skills,
conceptual skills, and
motivation to manage.


Human resource
management is the
most efficient way
to increase
engagement and

This information is
important because I
will put more
emphasis on
employees by
viewing them as
resources and
thinkers that impact
the organization as
a whole

I will use what I have
learned to create a
learning and conducive
environment for all
employees as well as
platforms that increase
employee engagement
and productivity.


Organizations are
affected by the
environments to
the point where
some shut down.

This information is
important because
sooner or later I
shall be in a
leadership position
and it is important
to understand the
environment of a
business and its

I will use what I have
learnt to become an
informed and futuristic


Ethics and social
responsibility are

This is important as
it sheds light on the

In the future, I will
apply this information

very integral
elements of any

changing business
environment from
running profitoriented businesses
to running
businesses that are
guided by the

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