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I’m trying to learn for my C Programming class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

question is attached below. No plagiarism please. Inbox for more details. programming

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The Multiplication Program Step 1: Write a program that stores a multiplication table in a 9-by-9 two-dimensional array. Generate the multiplication table with two loops. (So you will have a nested loop that will iterate 9 times and fill the 9x9 array with the values.) Step 2: Display the table for the user to see it. Here is an example of a multiplication table that is 12x12. You will just go to 9. Step 3: Create a function that returns the product of two numbers between 1 and 9 by looking up the product in the array. Example: if the user enters 9 and 2 the program will look up the answer in the two dimensional array and display 18. ...
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For now I print simple table (witho...

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