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I am sure that Airbnb did not predict the potential of this battle. How should the company pivot, in anticipation that other communities may more than likely begin to push back as well? What are some possible modifications to home-share model strategic plans, such as this?

Carville, O. (2019). Airbnb Loses New Jersey Home-Share War by a Landslide. Bloomberg.


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Airbnb is considered to be a major hotel listing company across the world. Its success may be shown to have led it to overlook the potential o its battle with Jersey City Council and other hotel listing firms. As a result, it has lost its grip on Jersey City, which has suitable proximity from New York City. Since the firm did not anticipate its failure, it needs to address the problems facing customers in the cities (Caville, 2019). Firstly, this move will involve reducing the firm's rental costs. Airbnb also needs to address the perceived reduction of life quality in residential neighborhoods. Moreover, it needs to assure the residents about its focus on enhancing employment in the hospitality industry (Schneider, Hu, & Stefanich, 2017).

From another perspective, it may be observed that its door-to-door campaign strategy may have been ineffective. Being a firm that bases on online marketing, it needs to maintain the same tactic when campaigning for the sustainability of its services. This aspect may reduce the opposition from the firm’s customers. In terms of the shared housing model strategy, the firm may need to use client-level data that describes the customers’ vulnerability. This modification may help the firm to have a strong demographic background on the targeted population. In addition, it may also need to describe the residences' housing resources to depict how shared housing may improve the lives in the neighborhood. It may also be postulated that public officials may not understand fully the activities in which house-sharing companies engage in. Therefore, it is suitable to document the full range of services and clients to reveal the affordability caused by Airbnb (Schneider, Hu, & Stefanich, 2017).

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Brad, thanks for your response. As I read your post, I wonder to some extent if at all, decisions were impacted by negative press. We certainly hear plenty of negative press regarding reports of renter racism and poor behaviors exhibited by renters.

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Air BNB Home share model strategic plans
As discussed in my posy, Airbnb focuses on improving quality of life and hospitality in
the industry. As an online business the company’s focus is on the onl...

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