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Briefly build a business plan. The business is the bike shop in the New york city.

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Business Plan
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Business Plan

Bike shop in the New York City

Executive Summary
Mission, Visions, and Values
Mission Statement
We strive to get people on bikes and maintain them there. We want to foster bicycling in New
York City as a proper alternative means of transport and as a way of bridging the gap between the
richer and the poor in the community. We strive to transfer the power to the people in the
community to rise and take control of their transportation, sense and the health status of the
Vision Statement
Our aim is to see variety of bikes center together throughout New York City. We strive to see each
of the centers with its own unique focus which primarily serves as an active hub system for bikes
in the city. The hub will offer to the community services such as bicycle maintenance, bicycle
training, and access to redeemable bikes by participating in our free bicycle programs. Throughout
the period of our operations, we seek to engage the community to help sustain the locations of our
customers and help us fulfill our set goals and targets.

Our aim is to keep people safe both at our shops and on the roads. The main purpose of this
company is to keep its customers comfortable and happy when riding the bike or when accessing
the set programs.

Business Plan


Personal Health

We intend to help improve the health status of individuals in the community. It is evident that
riding our bikes helps improves the health status of both body and mind.
Environment Health

By providing alternative means of transportation to cars which emit harmful inorganic gases to the
environment, our core value is to ensure that our bikes emit less or none carbon (I) oxide into the

We strive to keep individuals in the community on bikes, recycle and repurposing donated bikes
and provides long term services to the people of New York City.

The shop seeks to provide an equitable access to all services related to bicycle in the shop.
Everybody will be able to access our programs such as welcoming shop culture and free delivery

The Objectives
The objective of the Bike Shop in New York City is to improve the sales of the bike by focusing
marketing on new customer influx to help the shop maintain the current development in the sales
and revenues. The shop intends to further gain a monopolistic demand for our bikes from the
customers’ preference and taste. This will improve the shop’s bra...

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