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Individual AHA! Paper. Hopefully throughout the semester, students will

occasionally gain deeper learning/insights that they will find especially useful in their personal
or professional lives. I call these kinds of insights “AHA’s! because they often occur to us
seemingly out of nowhere. These AHA’s! are not usually fact-based pieces of information, but
are usually integrative ideas about how to apply IT in personal professional lives, how to
interact with others, or perhaps to how to be more effective in your endeavors. To this end,
every week or so (or more often if the student prefers), each student should think deeply (i.e.,
reflect) on their thoughts and sentiments as it relates to the course (e.g., principles discussed,
technologies used in the course, online vs. traditional learning, personal experiences from the
course or team project, etc.), and write down their thoughts that might be “AHA!-worthy.”
Towards the end of the semester, students will review their collection of thoughts from
throughout the semester and will use that information to identify their four (4) best/most
useful AHA’s! Each AHA! will be approximately 500 words in length, and the final 2000-word
paper will be uploaded as a single Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx) to the course
“Dropbox” on the published due date.

Topics discussed in the Class:
1. Change Management
2. IT Leadership
3. Design Innovative Thinking
4. IT Agility - Cloud, DevOps, Infrastructure and Platforms

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Running head: AHA PAPER


AHA Paper
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Change Management

Knowledge gained throughout the semester may be useful in managing change. In the
workplace, this concept will play a critical role in my profession to make decisions in the current
turbulent environment. With the increased changes in the external environment due to
technology and globalization, a person should keep abreast of these changes to be effective.
Therefore, change management will play a critical role in the determination of the elements to
focus on to become successful in the field of specialization. Putting in place a broad, long-term
plan will involve having a sound strategic vision as opposed to an unusually detailed plan since it
may be challenging to predict the future with certainty. Gone are the days for focusing on the
long-term plans as they become outdated in less than two weeks after writing them. The
concentration should be on the establishment and measurement of a delivery of immediate
action, rather than medium-to-long-term plans.
In change management, there is no one solution to all the problems as each situation is
distinctive. Similarly, it is challenging to predict the timeline when each person will be
enthusiastically on board. Throughout the change cycle, each person proceeds at a different pace
with the initial feeling being feeling lost and doubt before developing to understand and finally
integrating into the proposed change. After announcing the possibilities of a change, it is
essential to anticipate some of the people to move through the cycle in a few days while others
take a longer time. One of the things to avoid is giving a specific timeline for people to process
the shift before proceeding with implementation. Any effort of cutting short the cycle may result
in disaster. This concept will be applicable in the professional world to manage employees when
the organization is making significant changes to its operation.



Relying on what you know about a person and reaching out personally to those in
discomfort or doubt will increase the motivation of the employees to participate in the initiative.
All the team members should have an opportunity of voicing their concerns, asking questions or
making accusations. The idea is for the leader to understand the employees before they buy-in to
the plan to ensure they make progress through the change cycle. Achieving 100% support when
making significant changes is challenging. After announcing the change, it is vital to give all the
workers sufficient time to work through their reaction and offering personal assistance to those
that ...

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