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Your essay response must be a minimum of 750 words (there is no maximum, but try to avoid writing a book), and it must be in conventional essay format (contain an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion). While you may use some of an author’s biography to make your point, keep in mind that your discussion should include a discussion of the texts we have read in class and not rely solely on biographical information. Any paraphrases or direct quotations of material from the texts you are using must be properly punctuated (clear use of quotation marks for direct quotations, for example) and must contain a parenthetical citation (in MLA or APA format) noting the page number of the material. There is no need for a works cited page if you’re using the assigned textbook, but if you’re using any other version of the assigned texts, you must provide a works cited page, noting full bibliographical information for your source material, with the submitted exam.

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Topic: Discussion of Character’ Future by Different Authors
Thesis statement: Explains the kind of future being represented and an analysis of whether
human beings can control their future or not.
William Butler Yeats is one of the prominent poets in the twentieth century. He is also a
significant figure of the Irish literary renaissance, which occurred in the twentieth century. Yeats
uses symbolism and other different elements in his poems, which reflect on both humanity and
human history. Most of his poems use various literacy principles such as symbolism, modernism,
and others to bring out various ideas and themes. This essay discusses the works of various
authors such as Yeats and how they discuss the future of various characters
✓ When you are old by Yeats
✓ Tolstoy- The death of Ivan Ilyich
✓ Ibsen-Hedda Gable
The future of the characters discussed by the above authors shows how people tend to behave in
different cases. They show whether people have full control of their future or not. People cannot
control what may happen in the f...

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