California Wild Fires Lloyd Bitzer’s Theory of Rhetorical Situation Essay

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In this project, you will draw on Lloyd Bitzer’s theory of the rhetorical situation to rhetorically analyze a text (commercial, brochure, radio ad, donation letter, web page, etc.) produced by a nonprofit organization such as a local charity, professional organization, campus group, advocacy center, etc. By successfully completing this assignment, you will learn how to analyze a source’s rhetorical situation, a practice that can help you respond effectively to other writing situations you encounter in school and beyond.


Locate a text composed by members of your selected organization and analyze its rhetorical situation in an essay that:

-Analyzes the text’s rhetorical situation, identifying its exigence, audience, and constraints

-Argues whether the text presents a fitting response to its rhetorical situation Substantiate the claims you make about the text’s rhetorical situation, and its response to this situation, with evidence from the text itself and other relevant sources.

-Uses a minimum of three sources (at least one of your sources should be a peer reviewed journal article).

Tips for Research & Writing:

-So you may conduct a more objective analysis, select a text from an organization you are not a member of.

-The text you select should be representative of the discourse produced by the organization, so you will need to do some preliminary research to determine what genres the organization utilizes.

-In addition to locating a text to rhetorically analyze, you will need to conduct secondary research to understand the rhetorical situation that gave rise to the text, to provide context, and to ensure you respectfully and responsibly represent the organization that produced the text. This means you will consult a variety of relevant sources and effectively incorporate them into your analysis.

Criteria for Evaluation

Effective use of analytical methods

Development of a specific analytical thesis whose significance is clearly explained Effective support of claims with analysis and examples

Effective use of secondary sources (include at least one peer reviewed journal article)

Effective use and integration of quotes and paraphrases

Effective introduction and conclusion

Effective organizational choices

Appropriate grammar, word choice, sentence structure, spelling, punctuation, style, and proper page length (4-5 FULL pages).

Correctly formatted MLA format and in-text citation

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Rhetoric Essay on California Wild Fires
“It took great effort on firefighters’ part to defend that structure this time. Without the
engine providing protection, it very well could have been lost,” These were the words of Tricia
Austin, a fire prevention specialist working with Cal Fire in Mendocino County. These words
were inscribed in the New York Times article titled “Flames Return to where California’s
Largest Wildfire started” authored by Thomas Fuller on the California wildfires.
In this article, the author argues that each and every year, wildfires repeatedly affect the
same areas reiterating that no part of the state should let down its guard in this regard (Pigati 42).
“. Additionally, the author of the article brings to the fore the idea of those fires being
deliberately ignited (Thomas n.p). He goes on to give an example of Sonoma County which was
ravaged by a fire dubbed the Kincade fire a few months prior to it being devastated with another
one among many others. Thomas Fuller establishes credibility referring to facts and statistics
while employing successfully logical appeals. Thomas Fuller, however, falls short however in
the course of the article in his attempt to appeal to the reader's emotion thus weakening his
credibility in that respect.
Thomas Fuller hits the ground by describing the scenario where a few months earlier, he
had reported on a rancher who started what was expressed as the largest wildfire in Californian

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history. Thomas Fuller goes ahead to describe the state that the flora of California is in during the
summer season (Miller 190). Thomas also expresses the concerns of one ...

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