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Utilizing your chapters in the book as an outline, write a position paper on your thoughts, beliefs, and expectations concerning business ethics. You can use other materials in your paper, but I am wanting you to write from first person expressing yourself related to business ethics. The paper should be a minimum of 8 pages at 12 font. Giving me a summary of the chapters or writing too much about any other material will cause a reduction in your grade. ...
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Refection on Ethics


Refection on Ethics

Ethics refers to a code of conduct that is accepted in a business organization. Ethics in a
business entity guides the policies and regulations made by the management of such an
enterprise. In corporate governance, effective policies have to be made to improve the
performance and competitiveness of a firm in the industry. Ethics guides the process of making
policies in a firm regarding controversial issues such as discrimination, insider trading, and
corporate social responsibility among others. The quality of decisions made by a firm enables it
to compete effectively in the market. The management, as well as employees in a firm, are very
crucial in promoting ethics. Ethical behaviors by employees, for instance, enable them to adhere
to the moral standards in the society hence treat others well. Personally, I support ethical
behaviors in a firm since ethical firms are able to make quality and effective policies. Business
Ethics Now is one of the books I find interesting as it provides a wide range of information on
business ethics which is very useful in promoting ethical behaviors in a firm.
In the first part of his book, Business Ethics Now, Ghillyer provides a description of the
business ethics to enhance better understanding. In chapter one, for instance, understand Ethics,
an extensive description of ethics and how it guides the decision-making process. I find the
information very useful as it guides one in making quality decisions in their life. In making
decisions, I consider values held by people in society very essential. This is because they make
one abide by the moral standards and cultural beliefs of a community. As such, in deciding what
to do, the moral standards plays a very crucial role since it determines what is right and wrong.
By having adequate information about what is wrong or right, I have been able to act and behave
according to the cultural norms and standards (Ghillyer, 2012). Business ethics just like in



making a personal decision requires a better understanding of the cultural values and beliefs of
the community and society surrounding them.
Effective understanding of ethical values in the society promotes making quality business
decisions. Policymaking in a company, for instance, is aimed at improving the performance of a
company in the industry. In some instance, business entities have to undergo their priorities and
make decisions and policies that serve the interest of all people in the area they operate and is
what is right and should be done. In making my decisions for my business, choosing the making
the right decision will help my business entity gain some competitive edge over its rivals in the
industry. Customers in the market are now more aware of their rights and socially responsible
firms hence making ethical decisions will be one of the best strategies to attract and retain more
customers in the market.
Making business decisions with some intrinsic value will not only improve the
performance and competitiveness of a firm but also improve the quality of the decisions made.
Effective decisions guide the operations of a firm since they provide guidelines on the ...

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