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These images are screen captures from the video game Tomb Raider. They are from two different time periods. What if these were documents people were using to discuss our culture? Using what you have learned from this class write a 25 point essay describing its form and content. Think of the various themes that we have studied and how these images are examples of those themes. How do they relate in form and content to other images studied in this class? Think of all of the themes that it might interact with and provide specific examples from the text that you would compare and contrast it with. Also feel free to discuss the distinctions that might be found in each of the representations of Lara Croft.

ART101 El Camino College Art & Visual Culture Tomb Raider Analysis
ART101 El Camino College Art & Visual Culture Tomb Raider Analysis

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Lara Croft Image through Time
The image of Lara Croft on the right portrays her in a form, reminiscent of a doll. For
example, her head is excessively large relative to the remainder her body. In her left hand, she is
holding a torch, while a gun is silhouetted in her right. Thus, although the gun is present, it is
understated. Lara Croft's facial expression contrasts with her feminine physique. She has a
stern, focused look of a soldier heading into battle, conveyed by the long, dark eyebrows, drawn
close together. The background is minimalistic and muted in color, with just a two-step staircase
showing. Meanwhile, a piece of wall in the foreground looks like it is covered with inscription,
and bears great detail. Thus, the background and many of Lara Croft's features are abstracted or
minimized, while the ancient stone wall is portray...

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