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Miami Dade College Cuban Cultural Accommodation for Death Analysis PPT

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I don’t know how to handle this Powerpoint question and need guidance.

We are focusing on the population of Cubans and their accommodations to death. It needs to include information about the culture itself, beliefs and practices in regards to death, rituals, and grief after death.

APA style.

This is a powerpoint presentation, roughly 10 slides.

References must be from within 5 years.

Please follow the rubric.

Must pass turn it in, no plagiarism.

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Grading Rubric for End of Life presentation Names of student: Criteria Item 1. Identifies the type of culture/group/religious affiliation and is identified. 2. Presentation summarizes the cultural and sociocultural aspects of their end of life habits/acts/beliefs 3. The ppt gives the audience a basis for the talk on the eol for this particular group 4. The presentation includes 3-5 references from evidence-based journals or books (not web sites) 5. The presentation is continuous without interruptions and flows from each member of the group 6. The ppt has a font that is easily read in the back of the room 7. The objective of summarizing the eol habits/acts/beliefs of the group is clear throughout the presentation. 8. The ppt consists of bullet points and does not have narratives filling entire slide 9. The/powerpoint iswritten clearly with attention to spelling, sentence structure 10. References stated in APA format Total: Points Available 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 Points awarded Comments ...
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