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Running head: Persuasive Psychology.



Persuasive Psychology

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Persuasive Psychology


In the modern world, there is a lot of complex information available to an extent where
people cannot deal with it hence end up making choices based on generalizations mainly to be
able to come up with quick, right manners decisions in a limited period (Cialdini, 1993). Lack of
correct information makes others take advantage of them through the use of persuasive
psychology. To be able to influence others, there are tactics that people use, based on psychology
and how to persuade people. According to Cialdini (1993), in his psychology book titled
"Influence: science and practice," he discusses the main ways in which others influence people.
In the book, he talks about "compliance professionals" as those people who manipulate others to
gain something in their work. For example, to sell a car. There are several concepts used in
persuading people.
The first concept brought about is the foot in the door technique. This concept is as
discussed by Cialdini in the commitment and consistency principle of influence. According to
Cialdini (1993), people tend to want to appear committed and consistent with others. This
tendency is what "compliance professionals" exploit when they want to influence others. When
someone makes a small or first commitment, others can use this as an opportunity to ask for
more. Since humans beings tend to want to be committed and be consistent, they become
hooked. An example is offering an excellent product online, with a good description and a better
price. When a customer becomes interested, the seller then makes changes to t...

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