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This is a Final Project I have for class. The instructions are down below and I will be posting a example that the professor has provided. I Suggest the Photo Essay also.

Thus far in the semester you have been assigned readings and module activities, and more recently have been assigned a major written assignment you must complete by the end of the semester. Each of these, of course, serves a purpose in your learning: the readings and modules provide you with a basic foundation of material in this particular field, while the major written assignment expects you to discover what others (i.e. leading experts in the field) have to say about your chosen topic. This activity, however, allows you to identify a real-world topic or issue from within the field of public administration and share it with the rest of the class. Think of it as a college version of "show and tell".

The idea behind this is to have students discover novel approaches and/or problematic areas, and shed light on them for others to learn. For instance, if the subject matter involves a problem or challenge to a public agency, other students (i.e. aspiring administrators) might learn from the example in order to avoid such a pitfall. If the subject matter demonstrates a novel approach - perhaps to a process, a policy area, or a physical innovation (see my example below) - then it serves as an example of good practices.

As was detailed in the syllabus, this assignment can be either a photo essay or a video, produced by the student, that highlights an issue pertaining to the public sector - one of your choosing. Students can use the module headings to guide them when determining their subject matter, however, it should be noted that students often simply expound on the topic of their major written assignment, converting the same into a video-recorded narrative that provides the viewer with a visual representation of the subject matter. You will be required to upload the entire project for the entire class to see.

Note: You only have to do one or the other (i.e. you do not have to do both, as I have. I produced both just to demonstrate both approaches for you students).

High scoring projects tend to share the following.

  • They are filmed on-location (if possible);
  • They include / show key affected stakeholders (e.g. government agencies and/or other external organizations, etc.);
  • They provide a verbal narrative of the problem;
  • They present one or more potential policy solutions; and
  • They (perhaps) include the acknowledgement of any adverse impacts.

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Transparency in Public Administration
Course Title

Transparency in Public Administration
Transparency is considered a minor word, yet it has a significant meaning. Most
individuals often keep talking about transparency in different sectors of life. However, in most
instances, such words are not converted into actions. People usually have divided opinions
concerning transparency in public administration (Stein, 2019). Some claim that it is beneficial,
while others argue that it is a threat to privacy. However, it is crucial to address the significance
of transparency and the measures that can be used in achieving it.

One of the primary reasons why transparency in public administration is because it is the
right of the people (Stein, 2019). That is because it provides the public with the steps and
measures that are being undertaken by the system in addressing various issues. As such, it helps
people in accessing vital information. Such a mov...

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