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The outline below offers generic guidelines for a business plan. However, every business plan is a unique undertaking and papers will vary based on the specific ideas being proposed. Papers must be concise, focused and thorough in every section.

Length:6 pages [excluding exhibits]

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Skeet Wear
Every Little Step Counts


Table of Contents
Executive Summary


Business Concept


Market Analysis


Financial Plan


Supply Chain


Marketing Plan


Human Resource Issues


Executive Summary
Skeet Wear store in Pine Ridge will become the footwear destination in Coral Springs,
Florida. The locale is home to about 110,000 residents who offer a potentially large customer
base. More than half of the residents fall within the business' target customers. Adults and youth
aged between 24 to 54 years will be the focus of the company's products. Skeet Wears sells highquality footwear for the fitness enthusiast who embraces healthy living lifestyles. The business
specializes in athletic footwear assortment includes gym wear and running shoes. A selected
location for the store is at a shopping center that is anchored by Blockbuster Video, restaurants,
and Fresh Market, among others, that are positioned to the target customers. The company's
customer service quality and its culture of healthy living and sustainability further give the
company a competitive edge over its competitors. Moreover, the moderate competition will in
the city allows the company to become the footwear destination for people seeking running shoes
and gym wear shoes. Funding will be necessary to cover for the start-up costs, including foot
scanner and fixture, inventory control, and store operations.

Business Concept
Skeet Wears will sell quality footwear that will serve a variety of customers, including
the young adults and the old. It will offer running shoes for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. This
business will offer running shoes in a variety of sizes and appearances. Skeet Wear will sell its
latest and brand footwear that is for the fitness enthusiasts. The consumers will get more
information entailing the features, fit, style, and design required for their specific use. The
company wi...

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