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1) list at least three jobs and research the organizations' recruiting practices. The jobs could be positions you have held or of those you want to hold. In your post, address the following questions:

  • How were you recruited for each position (or how is the typical employee recruited)?
  • From the organization’s perspective, what are the pros and cons of recruiting through these methods?

Your initial post should include at least two outside sources to support your response.

2)Some organizations set up a selection process that is long and complex. In some people’s opinion, this kind of selection process is not only more valid but also has symbolic value. In your post, address the following questions:

  • What can the use of a long complex selection process symbolize to job seekers?
  • How do you think this would affect the organization’s ability to attract the best employees?

Your initial post should include at least two outside sources to support your response.

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Part A
The three jobs that I selected include HR manager, accounts assistant, and cleaner. Each
of these jobs involves different recruitment techniques from an organizational perspective.
Recruitment for a HR manager is done through advertising for the position and shortlisting the
candidates who respond to the advert are considered for interviews (Taylor, 2014). Recruiting an
accounts assistant is done through referrals from the existing accountants in the company.
Mainly, recently graduated individuals are targeted during the recruitment process....

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