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The topics for the discussion paper are as follows:

1. European Union

2. Outsourcing and its influences on people and places

3. Population control by government and its impacts on sex ratio (males per

thousand females)

4. Tourism industry and its effects on countries and people

5. Migration and its effects

You are expected to write only 2 discussion papers from the above mentioned


Total Points: 15 points each, total points for the assignment is 15*2 = 30


1. What does the topic mean/imply? What are the factors that facilitate it? 1

+ 2 points.

2. Explain Four Advantages: 4 points. (Give examples)

3. Explain Four Disadvantages: 4 points. (Give examples)

4. Your opinion of the topic and what factors influenced your opinion: 4 points.

(Explain why)

TOTAL POINTS: 3 + 4+ 4+ 4= 15]

PLEASE NOTE: if you do not clearly demarcate sections points will be

deducted. All sections need to be answered. Explain your thoughts with real

world examples.

Please make sure your paper clearly highlights 4 points favoring the topic you

select, 4 points against the topic and a final paragraph clearly stating your opinion

of the topic. The arguments that you provide need to be exclusive and explained

with real world examples.

Your point of view must be clearly explained. Originality is appreciated and

plagiarism of any sort will be penalized. PLEASE DO NOT WRITE JUST A


DISCUSSION PAPER Total: 30 points

why you have chosen the point and use examples to explain your line of thought.

Please do not copy and paste sections form different articles and cite your sources


Please use scholarly journals and do not copy paste from them but cite them

properly. Extract the central thought from them and write in your own words.

 You must refer to scholarly journals for the write up. At least 2 such

journals per essay need to be incorporated. Please ensure that you cite the

journals accurately. MLA or APA style can be used.

https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/747/01... ;


What is a scholarly journal:


Submission guidelines: The assignment must be submitted by the due date

ONLINE IN CANVAS only as a single file with a clearly legible font type and size.

(Times New Roman, Arial or Calibri with Font size 12 single spaced). Remember

single submission is permitted so please keep your document ready when you

want to submit your file. Please save both your essays as a single document since

only 1 submission is permitted and submit through CANVAS only.

File type for submission needs to be a canvas accepted file type

Files submitted as e-mails will not be accepted as an official form of submission.

At least 1000 words for each essay.

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Final Answer



Migration and its effects
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Migration and Its Effects

The primary reason that people migrate from their native homes is to seek a better
livelihood. In the 21st century, employment opportunities are what drive people to migrate. On
the other hand, other factors that cause a person to migrate include globalization, displacement
by natural disasters such as drought and floods, and pursuing better education. Individuals that
move from one location to another to seek employment opportunities or better environments are
referred to as migrants. Migrants can either be educated or unskilled individuals who would want
a place where they can manage to fend for themselves through the daily wager that they receive.
However, due to their menial incomes, migrants encounter several challenges such as lack of
proper housing, hygiene, sanitation, and food. Migration has both positive and negative effects.
The study will look into the migration concept and its impact.
In discussing the issue of migration, it brings upon a debate whereby some support and
those that are vehemently against it due to its either positive or negative impacts. For instance, in
America, the issues of immigration are something that has been discussed in the political arena
as they try to seek a solution to the menace. Therefore, those against migration will try to show
its adverse effects while those that support will portray its positive impact.
Support for migration
Those that are pro-migration groups argue based on the positive impact that it brings to
the migrants and the areas that they migrate. Areas, where people migrate, have conducive
conditions that permit people to go about their healthy lives. Therefore, it is not necessary that a
migrant will only want to migrate to a developed country. For instance, in countries that are



experiencing civil war, people will tend to flee to their neighboring regions where they are
assured of security (Calderón, 2017). Thus, the critical thing that they are seeking is peace since
they will leave much of their resources to find a location where their families will be safe. For
immigrants, they are able to get better employment opportunities, thus reducing unemployment.
Therefore, the quality of life of the migrant improves and those of the people that depend on
them. For instance, statistics indicate that billions of dollars are channeled back to the home
country of migrants to their dependents.
Another advantage of migration is that it significantly improves new languages, customs,
and cultures, thus assisting to improve integration and co-existence among people. Countries
strengthen bilateral relations through co-existence with one another. Therefore, there world being
a global village should not limit a person on where they should visit. There is significant growth
as a result of the migration of skilled workers. Most of the time, educated individuals in third
world developing countries migrate to developed countries to seek better opportunities
(Calderón, 2017). Some of the skilled migrants include engineers, doctors, nurses, drivers, and
many others. For instance, a location such as Silicon Valley is a good example of an area that has
become a success as a result of global skills diversity in the tec...

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