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apa style research paper on elderly abuse and how they can be victims. Direct and indirect victims? Is the government involved? How are they treated? What type of crime is this program to help elderly victims?

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Abuses on Elderly People

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Older people are susceptible to criminal acts that are perpetrated to them by those who
are close to them, including the government. An older person can be defined as a person who is
aged sixty years or more. However, the psychologist has categorized culture as one of the
important factors that influence how elders are treated in different societal setup. It has been of
concern to various human rights agencies to understand the perceived mistreatment of older
people across the world (Singh, Duggal, Singh, & Talwar, 2015). They have developed different
strategies aimed at detecting, intervening, mediating, and also, to prosecute the perpetrators as
well as prosecuting anybody who is perceived to have financially exploited, neglected, either
physical or psychological abused an elderly person. Therefore, organizations have come up with
minimum rights to support the victims of elderly abuses. This study aims to establish an
understanding of elderly abuse by addressing the issues pertaining to government involvement in
crime against the elderly as well as the programs that are in place to address this issue. Also, the
paper will analyze the role of criminal justice in addressing the issue of elderly abuse and how it
helps the victims to obtain justice.
Direct and Indirect Victims of Elderly Abuses
There are different academic materials that have conducted various research on young
people as the individual who has perpetrated the abuse towards the elderly people as well as the
victims of the elderly crime. According to Brown, Walklate, Davies, and others 2007, the study
has not exhaustively provided comprehensive literature that is worth comparing for the study or
can explore the issue of elderly crime and why the study has ignored the issue of elderly crimes
(Govil, & Gupta, 2016). This has been blamed on the traditional criminology that ignored the
issue of older people and instead by-passed to a caricatured population by setting a stereotypical



and baseless assumption on the violation of elderly rights. The issue of elderly abuse has been
left in a private space, and its existence has remained under seeming theorized criminology
setup. Therefore, elderly people have received little attention from the government as the state
has shown remarkably little theoretical engagement with the plights of the elderly people.
It can be alluded that the responsible bodies has poised the issue...

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