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PSY5130 Ashford University Week 4 Moral Development and Bullying Paper


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Week 4 - Assignment Moral Development and Bullying Chapter 11 of the course textbook examines cultural aspects of moral development, Kohlberg's moral reasoning theory, and Gilligan’s alternative approach to Kohlberg. Reflect on what you have read about the related issues of bullying in schools and teen suicide and consider these materials in light of your experience with bullying, both as a child and, if applicable, as a parent or adult observing this activity among school-age children. Then locate and review one anti-bullying program with an Internet presence. For this assignment, address the following items, being mindful of your emotional and intellectual responses to bullying and the exercise of asymmetrical power among school-age children:      Summarize your thoughts and feelings about bullying and teen suicide as pathologies of moral development in middle childhood. Describe how Kohlberg's model can be applied to bullying programs in schools. Then explain Gilligan’s critique of, and alternative to, Kohlberg’s approach, evaluating tensions between the two approaches and what each approach brings to an analysis of bullying. Compare and contrast the two approaches with respect to bullying behavior and specifically to bullying behavior among girls versus boys. Do you believe different theoretical tools are necessary to analyze female versus male cases? Why or why not? Finally, evaluate how successfully the program you found on the Internet addresses and accounts for and applies knowledge about moral development as theorized by Kohlberg, Gilligan, and others. How do theories of moral development inform action to prevent and treat the consequences of bullying? Your paper should be 1200-1600 words in length. Support your analysis and evaluation with references to the textbook readings as well as to no fewer than two peer-reviewed, scholarly sources that focus on the two theorists in question. ...
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Moral Development and Bullying
➢ Bullying and Teen Suicide as Pathologies of Moral Development
➢ Applying Kohlberg’s Model to Bullying Programs in Schools
➢ Gilligan’s Critique and Alternative to Kohlberg’s Approach
➢ Comparing and Contrasting the Approaches to bullying behaviors
➢ Evaluation of the Program’s success about Moral Development

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Moral Development and Bullying
Bullying and suicide represent one of the significant public health concern issues among
children and adolescents. Studies have attempted to establish the association between bullying
and suicide and the tendency of having bullying or suicidal thoughts among young adults.
Bullying and suicide have been used to evaluate social morality with the prevalence of these
incidents being linked to instances of immorality in society. Morality refers to beliefs about the
right and the wrong things whereas as perceived by society. Moral development refers to
changes in moral beliefs of a person as they grow to gain maturity (Coyne, 2015). Kohlberg
examines these changes through his morality of justice theory and divides the changes in moral
development into pre-conventional, conventional and post-conventional levels. This paper
examines the psychological approach of Kohlberg to the classroom environment and the critique
against this approach.
Bullying and Teen Suicide as Pathologies of Moral Development
Moral developments are changes that take place as moral perceptions change with age.
The beliefs and behaviours are unrelated phenomena because it is possible to know the right
thing but are unable to execute the rightful actions. Bullying and teen suicide are pathologies of
moral development because the behaviours begin to occur at a certain stage of development.
According to Kohlberg, the conventional stage begins in later childhood and teenage stages
where the b...

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