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1.1 Trends of AI

1.2 Definitions and Examples of AI for Business

1.3 Global demands for AI

1.4 Development of Tech Companies Globally

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Programme Title Course Title Course Code Assignment Title Instructor Due Date Assignment Format Assignment Length Submission Format Bachelor of Science (Marketing), Bachelor of Science (Accounting), Bachelor of Science (Finance) Management Information Systems BUS 373 The rise of artificial intelligence, and the future of work (individual submission) Associate Professor Dr. Norshidah Mohamed Milestone: November 14, 2011 (2%) Final report: November 28, 2019 (7%) Presentation: November 28, 2019 (3%) Written report See below Electronic Submission (Turnitin) Assignment Remit 1. Read and understand the case. This case requires you to do a research especially for sections 1 and 5. 2. Write a report (see template with section titles and guidelines for required information) about your analysis of the AI trends and analysis of the business case – maximum word count 2,500 (not including the Appendices). Your References are in the Appendix. Use APA style format. 3. The report should have a cover page with key information about the course title, course code, assignment title, student’s name and student number. 4. Each page (except cover page) should be numbered, and centered at the bottom of the page. 5. The second page should only have the Table of Contents. All page numbers and section titles should align with the Table of Contents. Do not draw a table with visible lines in the Table of Contents. 6. Use consistent font (Times New Roman) and font size 12 for text throughout the report. 7. The report should have only the first line indented 2.54cm from the margin for every para. 8. Students should make every reasonable effort to apply relevant principles when analyzing a case (e.g. section 4). 9. Do not use pronouns (I, we, they, you, my, our, theirs etc.) in a business report. Refer to throughout your report. 10. Consult the grading criteria. Submit the report through the Turnitin link. Report will not be graded for similarity score above 30%. Marks will be deducted for score between 21-30%. Course Learning Outcomes Demonstrate the ability to: 1. communicate well. 2. read and understand a case in total so as to respond to questions in a more integrative manner. 1 ORAL PRESENTATION EVALUATION RUBRIC 1) Student name: 0 Below expectation Organization Content Posture and eye contact Use of time Attire & general appearance Visual presentation No logical or disorganized sequence of information Questions & answers Total: Overall total marks: 3 Exceeding expectation Generally acceptable sequence Excellent and logical sequence Fulfills most of the requirements of the assignment, and discussion is specific to the context Maintain good eye contact most of the time and good posture Good time management and keep an appropriate pace for each point presented Good standard of business dress & tidy appearance (e.g. hair) Fulfills 1-2 requirements of the assignment Fulfills the minimum requirements of the assignment No eye contact and poor posture Very little eye contact Presentation is either extremely short or long Exceed a little time alloted Some eye contact and maintain acceptable posture with audience Mostly stay within the time frame Casual or inappropriate attire with no respect to occasion (e.g. t-shirt top & sweat pants) Semi casual (e.g. t-shirt top and skirt), too much accessories or hair is untidy Meet minimum standard of business dress Does not use visual aid or uses visual aids that does not support the text and presentation No or poor confidence Most parts of visual aids do not support the presentation Student uses visual aids that in general support text and presentation Student uses visual aids that relate well to text and presentation A little confidence exhibited although other signs are visible (body movement, pause etc.) 1-2 incorrect pronunciation is visible Confidence level is average Confidence level is excellent Student tried to answer the question but elaboration not specific to the context Disclose 1-2 references Student can answer but fail to elaborate Student answers all questions with excellent elaboration Disclose at least 5 references Disclose most references (at least 10) Mumbles, incorrect pronunciation all the time and soft Student cannot answers questions, and cannot elaborate No reference disclosed Reference 2 Meet expectation Does not fulfill any requirements of the assignment Confidence Elocution 1 Developing expectation Some logical sequence of information is visible but the rest seems unclear Clear pronunciation in some parts of the presentation Excellent and precise pronunciation in all parts of the presentation WRITTEN EVALUATION RUBRIC 1) Student name: Organization Ideas Below expectation 0 Lacks an identifiable introduction Developing expectation 1 Presents the topic but lacks clarity Meet expectation 2 Presents the topic but does not engage the reader Exceeding expectation 3 Clearly presents the topic in informative manner Logical flow No logical flow, confusing, and choppy all throughout Sensible flow but generally inconsistent Logical and consistent flow all throughout Layout Poor or no labeling of sections, subtopics, tables and figures all throughout Mostly improper and inconsistent labeling Generally sensible flow but one or two sentences / paras are inconsistent One or two sections, subtopics, tables and figures are not properly labeled Sentencing Poor sentence connection, long sentences Some acceptable sentences but generally not clear enough Generally acceptable sentencing but one or two elements not clear enough Excellent connection with clear sentences Conclusion Lacks an identifiable conclusion Conclusion presented but lacks contextual clarity Summarise and repeat what has been said Problem statement No identification of statement Too broad or too narrow and loosely presented Evidence of support Missing or irrelevant supporting ideas One or two support found for ideas One or two elements of the problem statement are not clear Generally relevant support of ideas Summarize and offer excellent overview of the topic anticipating future development Clear and focused statement Introduction Provision of examples Presentation of argument Reference Total: Overall total marks: No example given One or two examples given Repetitive of known facts or lack of clear point No reference Argument does not connect to evidence 1-4 references provided Adequate examples with no connection to the ideas Satisfactory argument with some evidence At least five are provided or generally outdated or lack of journal references Sections, sub-topics, tables and figures are clearly labeled all throughout Well supported with relevant details (e.g. evidence, examples etc.) Relevant examples which connect to the ideas Excellent and original argument At least 10 are provided, current (last five years) and observable scientific quality journal references ...
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Artificial Intelligence
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Table of Content

1. Reinforcement Learning
2. Ethics in Artificial Intelligence
3. Quantum Computing
4. Facial recognition
1. Online and Amazon Commerce
2. Social Network
3. Uber and Lyft
4. Online Banking and Loan Processing
5. Pandora



Artificial Intelligence (AI) is defined according to the application of complex computer
programs in relation to human reasoning. The idea of artificial intelligence is developed through the
knowledge of computer science to address important topics on human beings through software and
intelligent machines. The source of information on human intelligence was developed through the
studies of ancient creatures like homo sapiens, which is described as a simulated machine. There
was a rise of philosophical issues in the development of artificial intelligence studies where the
nature of mind was addressed according to the creation of artificial beings (Gunning, 2017). These
topics and stories on human intelligence were developed as philosophies, myths, and fictions. There
are tremendous steps in the understanding of artificial intelligence, which later generate some
setbacks implications. The technological industry has initiated some system of lifting basics
problems on human beings through the concept of computer science.
The research study on Artificial Intelligence is developed through objectives of
manipulation, reasonings, ability to improve, perceptions, planning communication, and learning.
These tools are used in the development of artificial knowledge and skills in the current society
(Russell, & Norvig, 2016). The searching version for AI includes ideas like economics,
probabilities, logic, mathematical optimization, and many other subjects of study.
Trends of Artificial Intelligence
AI has taken another shift in the current world because of the technology advancement and
innovations of human beings. The development of Artificial intelligence knowledge is applied in a
various environment like higher education and corporates organizations. The following are some
trending artificial intelligence in the world.
1. Reinforcement Learning



The entire process of the learning process has changed according to the development of
various models of study. The artificial intelligence system has initiated a supervised and
unsupervised model of learning through human interactions with different kinds of machines. The
idea of supervising initiates data labeling methods with a generic system of data output (Jackson,
2019). This is normally done to determine the price of an item given the quality and taste of the
item. The system of the unsupervised system is applied through a diverse system of learning where
the clustering information is unlabeled. There is a connection of items with various features like
color, size, and a bunch of images (Szolovits, 2019). The program is able to determine the item
based on the physical appearance, size, and color of the...

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