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According to the American Supplier Institute, Quality Function Deployment (QFD) is "a system of translating consumer requirements into appropriate company requirements at each stage from research and development to engineering and manufacturing to marketing/sales and distribution."

Many companies have applied QFD to achieve success by listening to their customers and translating customers ' requirements in the product design and development stage to satisfy the needs of the customer. You are a quality management expert and you are now charged to help a struggling company to apply QFD to improve its products and services to meet the needs of the customer.

Outline the key issues that should be addressed and lay out a plan on how to achieve it. Use a hypothetical company, introduce a product or service and demonstrate how QFD can be applied to meet customers need and to remain or become competitive. Your report should not exceed 3 pages

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The application of the Quality Function Deployment (QFD) is based on the requirements,
needs, and preferences of customers. The ABZ Company is planning the systematic process to
improve the needs of the customer through the delivery and design of services and goods. The first
step involves understanding the primary needs of customers and then designing some unique
services and products based on customer’s needs. The QFD generates some research procedures to
ensures that the primary needs of potential clients are meets. The research study provides a powerful
tool to analyze the needs of customers based on customer’s requirements, technical issues, and
resource allocation in the ABZ organization. The QFD generates an effective process of initiating
some effective processes of new services and product development in the organization (Bolar,
Tesfamariam & Sadiq, 2017). The specification process for transforming customer’s requirements is
based on the technical effort of design services and products that are linked to consumers,
competitors, engineers, and marketers. The ABZ Company initiates the QFD in addressing the voice
of the customer to create a high level of services in the product...

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