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• Research Paper—the research paper is not a rehash of the company’s initiatives (Walmart vs Amazon) but rather a deep-dive analysis of the research you have found. This should include: ▪ a focused narrative of the area you researched (either company) ▪ Key takeaways and next steps ▪ your thoughts on the matter—either positive or negative at it pertains to your research ▪ No more than 8-12pages long (12 font/double space)

- Does not have to exceed 8 pages. Just an in depth analysis of Walmart In Home and insights on where it is headed, and how it ties into Information Systems and logistics.

- Reference well. Must be original insight

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Running head: WAL-MART


Information Systems Research Analysis: Wal-Mart





In the last few years, technology has become an increasingly significant business
concern, to such an extent that using data technologies is almost inevitable. The enhanced market
competitiveness has resulted in an increase in the establishment of new techniques regarding
information systems. Therefore, both IT and data systems are a significant aspect of enhancing
the competitiveness of a company in the industry. Wal-Mart is one of the biggest supermarket
chains in America and internationally. The organization’s main activity is to provide non-foods,
groceries, pharmacy, home supplies, jewelry, and electronics. Wal-Mart is a multinational
retailer with revenue estimated to be much more than its competitors (Ali & Hingst, 2018). This
explains the company’s large enterprise outreach and the company’s need to control many
suppliers, warehouses and shops.

The firm major objective is to offer best quality products at reduced prices to its
consumers while still gaining profits and attaining a high investment return. To do this, the
company has to operate at a reduced cost compared to its competitors by drawing upon a very
effective operational management. It is evident from the company’s slogan ‘always low prices’
that its priority is its consumers. The company has centered on establishing cost structures that
have enabled it to provide daily reduced pricing (Crawford & Smith, 2019). It has also focused
on establishing an advanced and highly structured supply chain management technique to
enhance the company’s competitiveness and its position in the market.

Information system involves the plan a company has in giving information services as
well as the IT architecture needed to support the enterprise. Depending on the prioritization of
wants, the information systems strategy includes how the services, as well as the infrastructure,
are to be delivered. The Information system acts as the most significant role in Wal-Mart’s



strategy and has helped the company achieve a lower price competitive advantage especially on
the effective supply chain and logistics. Based on the company’s well established information
system the firm’s CEO can get information at any given time, the needed products, the bestseller products, the items with the most amounts of profits as well as where the firm can get the
lowest price items from the suppliers (Hardgrave et al., 2018). The information system has
enabled the supply chain to be more cost- and time-effective.

Logistics involves the replacement, procurement, and maintenance, distribution, and
replacement of materials. It refers to the final products at the right place, cost and time. One
significant aspect of effective logistics management is the appropriate use of information
technology. The goal of the logistics manager at Wal-Mart has, therefore, been to connect the
end consumers, the distribution channels, the procurement activity as well as the production
processes in a way that...

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