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write a persuasive essay about suicide. It must be three sheets. The counterposition of the subject must be clearly stated.

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Is Suicide a Choice?
Over the years, the number of individuals committing suicide has been rising worldwide,
with the majority of them being teenagers. Besides, the figures from the World Health
Organization (WHO) indicate that approximately 800000 individuals carry out the act each year,
which makes it be among the leading causes of death globally. This has raised many queries with
a significant number of people asking ones such as “why should someone kill himself/herself?
Hence, bringing into attention the question, is suicide a choice? This paper will argue why it is
not a choice but an indication that something went wrong.
Suicide has become one of the most challenging things to understand in the world, with
some of them occurring without even a single warning sign. However, depression and mental
illnesses have been considered to be among the risk factors influencing individuals in deciding to
commit suicide (Shermer). These occur because depression sometimes results in severe
emotional pain and accompanied by loss of hope, which thus makes them believe that there is no
other way to a...

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