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Thoughtfully consider these questions about Eric Steele's documentary "The Bridge" that we discussed in class on Thurs Nov 14.

Your answers should be complete thoughts composed into paragraphs, not a list of thoughts.

There's been many reports and analysis of The Bridge and Steele's methods. You may do some research online and use the information you find, but you must cite that source in your answer.

Questions based on "Media Ethics: Issues and Cases"

The full movie is here for reference:

Question 15 pts

Should the makers of the documentary have tried to intervene in any of the twenty-plus suicides they witnessed? Why or why not?

Question 25 pts

If a local news crew had been on the bridge (covering another story) at the same time as a jumper - and they recognized that the person is about to jump, would their obligations be any different than the documentary crew? Exlpain.

Question 35 pts

Is there any merit to complaints that the documentary might encourage "copycats" among those struggling with suicidal thought? Explain your answer.

Question 45 pts

Does Eric Steele's dishonesty in obtaining a permit to film the bridge and the jumpers negate the integrity of his documentary? Discuss your answer in light of Utilitarian ethics.

Question 55 pts

Is there a difference between how a Utilitarian such as Mill would view the decisions made by the documentary crew and how it would be viewed by a Deontologist such as Kant? Discuss how their views might differ.

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The Bridge Documentary Questions
Question 1
The makers of the documentary should have tried to intervene in any of the twenty-plus suicide
that they witnessed because through talking or destructing the person who is trying to jump, he or
she might decide to change their mind from jumping off the bridge and by doing that it might
reduce the number of people who commit suicide in the bridge. But when the documentary makers
decide not to intervene, the person who is trying to jump off the bridge might think that nobody
cares about them, and that can give them an excellent reason and opportunity to jump off the bridge
(Patterson, Wilkins, & Painter, 2018). The best way to reduce the number of people who commit
suicide in the bridge is for the documentary makers to try and intervene with the people trying to
commit suicide, maybe by doing that, they can save so many lives. Still, if they fail to do that, the
people ...

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