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Paper 3 is a timed essay. This essay will be written in response to the readings from Week 10:

  • Christian R. Weisser, “Sustainability,” pp. 602–8
  • Robert Paarlberg, “Attention Whole Foods Shoppers,” pp. 610–18
  • David H. Freedman, “Are Engineered Foods Evil?,” pp. 630–38
  • Katherine Gustafson, “School Bus Farmers’ Market,” pp. 657–67

However, the specific topic for Paper 3 will not be announced ahead of time. You will have exactly 3 hours to write Paper 3. This paper should respond to and must utilize quotations from the text, and it should be 700–1,000 words in length. Paper 3 will help students to prepare for the final exam essay, which will also be a timed essay of comparable length. The exam will also be timed. Paper 3 must be completed by Sunday.

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Issue of Food Security/Sustainability in Third World
The third world has been adversely affected by the problem of food insecurity and indeed
there is need for urgent measures to salvage never ending situation. India, Africa and other third
world countries have been unable to deal with the problem of food shortage despite the fact of
prevailing conditions that support agricultural food production. According to Pearlberg (610),
understanding the concept of food shortage across the world has been affected by the
international food prices and the politics that surround it. The views presented by Pearlberg (610)
and are greatly related to the concept of sustainability addressed by Weisser. It is evident that
food shortage is associated with unsustainable food practices across the entire world.
Sustainability is an important, relevant, interdisciplinary and a continuous approach because it
does emphasize on “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future
generations to meet their own needs” (Weisser, 603). Food insecurity/un-sustainability is a major
problem in the developing world hence important to embrace top notch strategies to attain global
food sustainability.
Causes of Food Un-sustainability in Third World Countries

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According to Pearlberg (612), food insecurity has led to unsubstantial productivity,
diminished work performance due to hampered i...

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