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If any of you are not near Los Angeles area and it is not easy for you to make this trip to the Griffith Observatory in LA, then Here are the two other options for you:

(2) If you do not have any observatory that is at a convenient distance from your place then you can write a research paper on Griffith Observatory with resources from its website at ( and from any additional other online resources through Google search, and write about a 5-page report and then submit that report online into that assignment page. Please make sure to inform me if you are doing any of these 2 alternative options for this Griffith-visit assignment.

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Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles
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The Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles is a facility in Los Angeles Griffith Park that is
located on the slope facing south of Mount Hollywood. The Griffith Observatory is regarded to
be one of Los Angeles most prominent cultural attractions that due to its strategic location
provides its visitors with a magnificent view of the Los Angeles Basin that contains Hollywood
located in the south, Downtown Los Angeles found in the southeast, as well as the Pacific Ocean
that is situated in the southwest (Djang, 2019). The observatory is a common tourist attraction
site as it provides the visitors with a diverse range of views including the Hollywood sign and
vast range of space and other displays related to science. From its opening in 1935,
approximately 7 million people have been reported to have viewed via the 12-inch Zeiss
refractor. The construction of the observatory commenced in June 20, 1933 and was designed by
John C. Austin. The observatory and the associated displays first opened for public view in May
14, 1935 (A HISTORY OF GRIFFITH OBSERVATORY). The opening of the observatory
marked it as the third planetarium in the country. The design of the building integrates influences
from both Greek as well as Beaux-Arts with its exterior basically embroidered with Greek
patterns. In the course of World War II the observatory was used for training of pilots in the field
of celestial navigation. The planetarium section was later utilized during the 1960s for the Apollo
program that was intended to train astronauts for the first ever stellar missions. The popularity of
the observatory is not limited to its role as a tourist destination as it has been featured in many
notable sequences such as the film Rebel Without Cause that was shot in 1955 and other
prominent movies such as the Dick Tracy Returns, (1938),...

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