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Answer each question including two articles and two concepts provided below, you should incorporate each one in some way, feel warmly invited to expand on them or disagree with them. Each question has three parts and your response should be at least 3 full paragraphs, but there is no requirement for format. You will need the username and password from me once you accept this work.

A) How will cultural struggles in the US change in 50 years? Write a memo to the next generation telling 1) the 2 most important changes coming in race, gender, or other symbolic boundaries; 2) how technology will influence these changes;3) give advice on how best to fight for equality in this new context.

article:1.Jasper 2.(Choose article from Wk14)

concepts: affordances(of tech) & mestiza consciousness



B) You. Choose a scale (micro/meso/macro) and a cultural problem you are likely to face in a role you will play in the future. 1) Describe your future role and other relevant roles along with the cultural roots of the problem; 2) propose a solution and tell how it uses your knowledge of culture & emotion to effectively create change; 3) lay out a strategy to measure and scale your impact.

You choose: 2 concepts +2 authors

- Micro: Ethan Watters, 2017. The Problem With Psychiatry, the 'DSM,' and the Way We Study Mental Illness (链接到外部网站。)." Pacific Standard

- Meso: Carribean Fragoza, 2016. "Art and Complicity: How the Fight Against Gentrification in Boyle Heights Questions the Role of Artists (链接到外部网站。)." KCET
- Macro: Ajay Nair, 2016. "Polyculturalism in a Postelection Nation (链接到外部网站。)." Inside Higher Ed.

C) Politics. You are advising the mayor of LA on how to reframe an issue you care about. In a strategy memo, 1) describe the issue and map a negative frame, detailing its audience and resonant symbols and beliefs; 2) outline a new frame and1-2 messages; 3)articulate a strategy to "go viral" with this new frame including whose minds you are trying to change and how messages will resonate.

article:1. Reinsborough & Canning 2. (Choose article from Wk11)

concepts: symbolic coalition& systemic story.


D) Decisions. Improve health in your community: write a plan that 1) profiles a problem facing the community and the people whose decisions matter most; 2) pinpoints 1-2 cultural/emotional obstacles to progress and the process that perpetuates them; and 3) lays out a strategy to foster healthier decisions.

articles:1.Pérez & Simon 2. (Choose article from Wk9)

concepts: cognitive dissonance & transformation (v. transaction)

file:///Users/miyoozhang/Downloads/Perez%20and%20Simon%202017%20-%20Heartwired%20(1).pdfE) College. You are in charge of increasing diversity and inclusion at Cal State. Write a memo that describes 1) challenges that make it hard for underrepresented race/class/gender groups to advance; 2) how everyday college experiences can "scale up" to macro inequalities; and 3) a program that would make a difference.

articles:1. Ridgeway 2. (Choose article from Wk10)

concepts: capital: cultural, social, economic systemic change


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Question A


To: Future Generation

Subject: Changes in the cultural struggles in the US in the next 50 years

The following changes are the most significant changes that will take place in the five
decades. The first change will be on social trends.

Technology is developing very fast, and it plays a significant role in bringing the changes
in society.

In the new context, to ensure that there is equality in every aspect, all the members of a
particular state should be given equal opportunities, regardless of their race, gender, or
physical challenges.

Question B

In the next five decades, the world is likely to face many problems because of technology

Our society has proved time and time again does not care much for the elderly and are
disposed to grouped homes which are funded by the government.

The elderly need loving care and most families leave this job for social workers and
nurses to provide the care their elderly relatives require.

Question C


To: Mayor of LA

Subject: Homelessness

Economists have not addressed the issue of homelessness adequately. Homelessness is
caused by extreme poverty

The economists should change their mindsets and stop looking at the homeless
individuals as a 'hard to get group.'

It is my humble request to the mayor of LA to find a way of ensuring that the homeless
people in his town are taken care of just like other residents.
Question D

The benefits of healthy community programs are many.

To ensure that the right health decisions are made, the relevant authorities should ensure
that they listen to the community and stop assuming that they know the problems that the
community is facing.

To improve the health of a community, then the strategies explained above should be
Question E


Subject: Challenges that make it hard for under-represented race/class/gender groups to

Racism is common in most schools in the US, and it affects most of the students in those

Racism can be stopped in schools if self-awareness of the students and self-reflection can
be boosted.

To get rid of racism in schools in the US is not an easy task. However, it can be achieved
if all the stakeholders work together.

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Question A
To: Future Generation
From: (Your Name)
Subject: Changes in the cultural struggles in the US in the next 50 years
The following changes are the most signif...

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