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Book for this class is here: [Download by "DocDroid"]

Watch the documentary: A Conversation With Koko (1999 Documentary).

It can be found at the link above

Write a 2-page response paper to the film. You should read the Chapter on Primate Behavior, before you watch the film. Some questions to consider in your paper:

What do you think about the methods used by the researchers in the film? Do you think they were valid?

Consider Koko’s upbringing with her researcher Penny. Do you think Koko should have stayed in the San Francisco Zoo, gone to a sanctuary, or stayed with Penny? Why? Feel free to cite examples from the film and discuss those. Also think about what zoos and wildlife preserves were like at that time and how they are today.

Do you think that language studies conducted by researchers are important to human evolutionary studies? Do you think that the Koko study has been an asset to scientific studies?

In addition to considering some of the questions above, you can also include your personal opinions and feelings regarding the film and the subjects depicted in it. You can also include information from your textbook.

Please use proper formatting and type your paper in double-spaced, 12-point font (Arial or Times New Roman), and 1" margins.


Book for this class is here: [Download by "DocDroid"]

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The power of language
Language has the power to build our relationships between humans and, surprisingly,
between humans and animals, as depicted in the film. Thus, the power of language provides the
basis for our relationships within the different contexts of both humans and no human aspects.
More specifically, the connection enhanced by language is established on the use of feelings and
symbols in constructing the maxims of the reality between the intellect and the non-intellect. The
social, communicative, cognitive and emotional identities help in building speeches that are
relevant to our social needs at different times based on trust, respect, and love. Thus, lan...

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