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please follow the instructions to complete this assignment. No need to do research it is about progress during this semester of analytic writing course. please check the attached files. please follow the instructions in the progress report file, and find the design of the assignment in the memo format file, and do the check list

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Progress Report: Editing for Mechanics and Style Instructions: Complete the following list of editing exercises for your report. For each exercise, mark down the number of errors you found to see which exercise(s) work best for you. Editing for Mechanics # of Errors Run Spell Check and Grammar Check in Microsoft Word. Proofread for Pet Errors. Read the report aloud and underline all errors. Change the Look #1: Change the report font size to one or two sizes larger and/or the style to a font other than Times New Roman, and then proofread. Change the Look #2: Type a hard return (select the Enter key) after each sentence and then proofread for errors. Change the Look #3: Using a printed copy of your report, take a ruler or blank sheet of paper and cover the lines directly below the one you’re reading; proofread for errors. Read the report backwards sentence by sentence, starting with the report’s last sentence. Mixing Things Up: Using a ruler to cover up text lines directly above the one you’re reading, read the report backwards, line by line, starting with the report’s last text line. Editing for Style Sentences can be interpreted as intended on the first read-through: Read the report aloud and note any places where you fumble over the words. As an alternative, you can ask someone else to read the report aloud while you listen. Writing reads smoothly and naturally without repetition: Check to see if the same word or phrase is used more than once or twice in the same sentence. Writer avoids starting 2 or more sentences in a row with the same word or phrase. Writer avoids using the same word(s) to end and begin succeeding sentences. Writer avoids using the words thing, things, something, anything, nothing, everything, or any other word with the letters “thing” in it. Writer uses this, that, these, those, which, and most with a referent: Use MS Word’s “Find” feature. Writer avoids using there + is, are, was, were, have, has, had, will, must, should, could, and would (e.g., expletives). The word it always refers back to a specific noun or pronoun. Writer avoids using is, are, was, were, have, has, had, being, been, having, and be—especially as the only main verb of a sentence. # of Errors MEMORANDUM TO: xxx FROM: xxx DATE: xxx SUBJECT: xxx Introduction xxx Discussion Heading (Where You Stand) xxx Heading (Strength) xxx (Introduce list of 2 to 3 strengths) Heading (Strength #1) xxx Heading (Strength #2) xxx Heading (Optional Strength #3) xxx Heading (Needs Work) xxx (Introduce list of 2 to 3 needs work areas) Heading (Needs Work #1) xxx Heading (Needs Work #2) 1 xxx Heading (Optional Needs Work #3) xxx Conclusion Summary xxx Contact xxx 2 Progress Report as Argument The progress report you write will use elements of argument to create a persuasive document. Here's how the argument will be organized: Claim: Clearly state (in the opening paragraph) an opinion about your overall progress so far this semester as a technical writer. Items of Support: The Discussion section. The claim you write in the introduction will be arguable, and the overall meaning that emerges from the information in the discussion section should support that claim. Keep in mind that your progress report, like all progress reports, must be an honest assessment of your progress. Progress Report Assignment Here's what I would like you to write about: Reflect on or think about what you've learned so far this semester and convey that information in a formal written memo format. Taking time to reflect is important because it allows you to realize how much you've learned over the past several months and, perhaps more importantly, what you still need to learn about technical writing in general and about yourself as an accomplished technical writer. After all, being educated doesn't mean that you've mastered all the concepts of a particular subject or topic. It means that you have acquired a sense of where you place yourself on the learning path and what you need to do to keep moving forward. Report Context Your assignment is write a memo that reflects on your progress so far as a technical writer this semester. Progress Report Memo Content Please organize your memo using the following outline: • Introduction: o State your reason for writing the memo. o Briefly review what the memo covers (e.g., a reflection of your progress so far this semester as a technical writer). o Briefly state an opinion about your overall progress so far this semester as a technical writer. • Discussion: 1. Where do you stand now as a technical writer compared to where you stood at the beginning of the semester? I'm looking for general statements that compare now vs. then. 2. Choose 2 or 3 areas from the list below that represent your greatest strengths so far this semester and (a) explain how each strength has changed over the course of the semester, and (b) give brief but specific examples to help support what you write: o Writing Introductions (Purpose, Problem, Scope) o Writing Background Sections o Writing Discussion Sections o Writing Conclusion Sections o Writing Technical Definitions o Revising Your Reports o Editing for Correctness o Editing for Style (e.g., Eliminating Wordiness) o Documenting Sources Using the APA Citation Method o Quoting and Paraphrasing o Researching Sources (e.g., Databases, Search Terms, Evaluating Sources) o Did I forget something? If yes, feel free to add and use another concept or two here. 3. Choose 2 or 3 areas from the list above that represent areas that need further work this semester and (a) explain why you believe you're experiencing trouble with each one, and (b) suggest specific and measurable steps you plan on taking to help strengthen each weak area. • Conclusion: o Write some closing statements related to the following: ▪ Briefly summarize the discussion section. ▪ Briefly forecast where you should stand (or plan on standing) as a technical writer at the end of the semester. o State your willingness to answer questions or concerns about the memo. o Provide contact information in one sentence (e.g., phone number and best days/times to call, and email address). Note: Your name is provided at the top of the memo, so you don't need to list it here. At this point in the semester, you should be familiar with the technical writing process that you've completed for the previous major assignments (recommendation report and information report). Unlike with those major assignments, I won't take you through the process step-by-step for this progress report assignment. Instead, you'll complete it on your own. This report needs to be as well written as any previous report that you've completed this semester. Please pay close attention to grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, and style. Edit it carefully to eliminate mechanical and style errors. Optional: Use this editing worksheet to check for style and mechanical errors. Reader You're writing the report for me, so I (Dr. J.) am the report's primary reader. Write using a formal voice, because possible secondary readers of your report might be my department chair, other TRW faculty members, conference attendees, engineering faculty, and/or accreditation officials. Note: Your name will be redacted if the report is shown to any secondary readers. Required Length 1000 to 1100 words Report Format Follow these guidelines for formatting the report: • 12-point Times New Roman • Single space within each paragraph (Note: MS Word default is 1.15. Change line spacing to 1.0.) • Double space between paragraphs (Note: MS Word default adds 10 points of space between each line. Set Line spacing at 1.0 or Single and Spacing Before and After at 0. Tap the Enter key twice between paragraphs.) • 1" margins on all sides • Page numbers centered on bottom (footer) or upper right corner (header) of each page Organization The progress report is a formal document that should be organized like any other report written this semester.
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Hello bro, am done with the memo. Please check it and tell me what needs to be edited.




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My reason for writing this memo is to bring out what I have learned throughout the semester,
identifying my strengths and weaknesses as a technical writer. This is a progress report memo
that describes what I have learned over the last few months, as well as what needs improvement.
In my opinion, my progress as a technical writer is much better than at the start of the semester. I
have learned how to introduce my essays and reports, as well as develop good discussion
sections for my technical reports.
Achievements as a Technical writer (Where you stand)
About where I stand, I believe I have improved as a technical writer and reporter. Through the
various writing projects over the semester, I have improved in terms of developing quality
reports and well-researched essays with adequate sources. The main thing that I have learned is
that getting the sources for one’s essay or report plays a major role in ensuring one writes a
successful essay or report. Before the start of the semester, I would struggle with coming up with
quality research because I was not aware that finding sources should be the starting point when
coming up with a research paper.
My Strengths
Over the semester, I have developed vario...

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