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MCOMM621 SCSU Supreme Brand Marketing Communication Plan Paper


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Please write approximately 25 pages marketing communication paper about Supreme brand. It is not so tough as you will be able to find all the resources online. I also uploaded an example paper your help. There's also a template attached for you.

MCOMM621 SCSU Supreme Brand Marketing Communication Plan Paper
MCOMM621 SCSU Supreme Brand Marketing Communication Plan Paper

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Running&head:&BLISTEX&CAMPAIGN&PROJECT&& Campaign Project Blistex Samantha Winget St. Cloud State University 1& BLISTEX&CAMPAIGN&PROJECT&& & 2& Marketing Communication Plan I. Executive Summary This document is a marketing communications plan for Blistex, Inc. for the lip care industry. Blistex has been around for many years. Opened and still operated by the same family, Blistex strives to have constant company growth and innovation. They are a leader in the lip care industry worldwide. Over the years, Blistex has faced some challenges but has been able to overcome all the market, global and industry trends. Although, Blistex has been able to overcome these hurdles, there are still plenty of opportunities for them to flourish in. This marketing communication plan will explore some of these difficulties and opportunities, as well as take a look at a brief survey that was conducted in order to better understand lip care consumers. Consumer demo and psychographics will then be compared to create the best possible target markets for the Blistex advertising campaign. A market and product analysis will be completed to better ascertain Blistex’s current and future positioning in the lip care industry. A competitive analysis and internal overview of the company will create a better picture of the lip care market. Finally, an advertising campaign will be discussed at great lengths, in order to reposition Blistex into the lip care market, targeting every day users instead of just medicated ones. II. Situation Analysis a. Company Analysis i. Company History Blistex was founded in 1947 as a small, family run company mainly in the United States. The objectives of Blistex at that time were to create quality products, achieve consistent growth and become an innovative leader in lip care. In 1967, Blistex created their research and BLISTEX&CAMPAIGN&PROJECT&& & 3& development facilities, as well as their own manufacturing and corporate headquarters in Oak Brook, Illinois. This allowed Blistex to have pinpoint control of every phase of their business from formulation of products and testing to manufacturing and marketing. Consistent growth of Blistex is powered by constant innovation of new products and improving existing ones. Blistex has moved into worldwide lip and health care markets. As of today, Blistex traditions are carried on by the third generation of the founding family and still believe in their original goals (About Blistex, 2017). ii. Company Culture/Mission Blistex continues to focus on and believe in the company’s original goals of product quality, growth, innovation and leadership. Stating, “Some things should never change” on their official company website. Blistex believes that success begins with a brilliant workforce. Channeling their creative energies through a continuing process that regardless of job title provides employees the opportunity to contribute wholly to the organization’s success. Blistex provides an environment that encourages involvement and respects the talents of the individual while promoting a team concept. In order to meet their goal, Blistex looks to hire talented individuals with a push to succeed and a desire to satisfy the customer (About Blistex, 2017). iii. Company Problems/Challenges One of Blistex’s main challenges it faces, is one that they take obvious pride in, tradition. From the products to their management, tradition seems to be something this company struggles with. After reviewing twenty-one employee reviews on, over half of the reviews had some complaint referring to the management style of Blistex. Management was discussed as being feared and unapproachable and stuck in the old days. Another interesting thing found when reading the reviews was the decision and innovation process within the company. Several BLISTEX&CAMPAIGN&PROJECT&& & 4& reviews stated even some of the smallest decisions were made by one individual and employees were not trusted to make them on their own and if any suggestions were made it was received negatively by management or dismissed completely (Blistex Overview, 2017). This is a concern as Blistex openly states two of their four goals are innovation and leadership (About Blistex, 2017). The other challenge of traditionalism Blistex faces is with their products. Since, Blistex has been around since 1947, it is important that they are constantly trying to update and improve their products to meet the wants and needs of new generations. This includes the look and make of their products. Again this would coincide with Blistex’s goals of quality, growth and innovation. iv. Industry/Category/Overall Market Trends Blistex is a privately held company in the consumer goods industry. They are categorized as having 201-500 employees (Blistex Overview, 2017). Blistex strives to provide their global consumers with the finest health care products and are equivalently known for providing the best lip care products anywhere (About Blistex, 2017). There are several market trends for the consumer goods industry to keep in mind in 2017. Consumers are connected more then ever now, being able to shop on and offline, it is important to keep shopping trips as pleasurable as possible while still keeping up with the pace of consumers. It is important to understand how consumers want to shop and designing shopping experiences around these connected consumers is critical in moving forward. Also, products have made a global shift in services that look to help consumers live healthier and smarter lifestyles. Nowadays consumers are invested emotionally and intellectually with products. With the Internet in full swing, it is easy for consumers to review products and opinions prior to BLISTEX&CAMPAIGN&PROJECT&& & 5& making any purchases. This makes it important for an organization to demonstrate how their products can allow the consumer live a more viable life (Carboni, 2017). On top of these trends, customization is becoming a big deal for consumers and shows to work if used properly. It is important for an organization to appeal to a large market, but they also need to be able to connect with each individual of that market. This can be a difficult task to achieve. According to Brian Carboni (2017), brands that offer personalized experiences have a fifty percent higher loyalty rate. To keep up with hasty changes of consumer trends, supply chains will need to be swift and malleable in order to deliver innovation that meets high bar quality, but also moves quickly enough to in order to keep costs down. Brands will need to hasten their own innovation to defend both self-space and premium costs. Another trend to bear in mind is globalization and regulatory. In order to seek topline sales, organizations feel the pressure to materialize in several markets around the globe. However, this can pose more challenges for a company then anything. Each region usually has extremely different regulations for products. These regulations can range from ingredients used to make a product to claims made on packaging. Also, you face the difficulties of having to adapt a product to cultural differences, which also requires different marketing strategies for each region as well (Carboni, 2017). The last market trend to be discussed is sustainability. Consumers care about sustainability and are even willing to spend a little more on products to obtain it. It is believed that one specific area this will affect is packaging. Brands will have to invest in innovative packaging options to give consumers the types of materials and convenience they are looking for (Carboni, 2017). BLISTEX&CAMPAIGN&PROJECT&& & 6& v. Company Opportunities Environmental consulting is a great opportunity for Blistex to invest in. It would work great with their current green initiatives program they have enacted since 2008. Three major green initiative that Blistex currently employ are: packaging sustainability; equipment, facilities, and processes; and greener lifestyles (Green Initiatives, 2017). If Blistex sought out environmental consulting, they could improve their current efforts and possibly even create some new ones. The biggest opportunities for Blistex are to increase sales. This could be done in a number of ways. The best chance Blistex has to do so is by having current users continue to use the brand and finding new users. By having current users continue to use the brand it will be easier to convince a consumer to buy something they are already using. Reminding users that they are making the right decision by purchasing their brand can do this. This is also one of the cheapest ways to work on building and maintaining customer relationship management. Finding new users can be done by looking at what competitors have done successfully or what has worked for the organization in the past (Dahl, 2012). Blistex has already done this by following the EOS brand’s design, when Blistex introduced Ultra Moisturized Bliss Flip to appeal to the millennial generation of consumers. Identifying where business is going to come from is one of the most important aspects of a company’s opportunities. This will be further discussed in the consumer analysis below. b. Consumer Analysis I created a short survey through to distribute to individuals about Blistex. The survey aimed to see how these individuals feel about Blistex products, if they use them and why. Also, the survey asked for their age and gender to see if there is any correlation to BLISTEX&CAMPAIGN&PROJECT&& & 7& the motivation and demographics of the lip balm users. I posted the link on my Facebook wall and took the results from those recipients (SurveyMonkey, 2017). i. Primary Research 1. Objectives The objectives of this consumer analysis were to see if people currently use Blistex. Why or why not? Also to see what motivates them when purchasing lip balms and how likely they are to use Blistex in the future. These questions were asked in hopes to gain knowledge of the purchasing mind of a typical lip balm consumer and gauge what ages should be targeted in the future. 2. Methodology I created a six-question survey on The first question asked, “Do you use Blistex products?” The respondent could answer “Yes,” “No,” or “Sometimes.” The second question read, “How would you rate Blistex’s products compared to their competitors (ex. Burt’s Bees, ChapStick, EOS, etc.)?” The respondents could answer “Excellent,” “Good,” “Fair,” or “Unsatisfactory.” The third question was, “How likely are you to use Blistex products in the future?” The respondents could answer “Very Likely,” “Somewhat Likely,” or “Not at all.” The fourth question read, “When choosing a lip balm at the store, what drives your purchasing motives?” They could answer from the following options, “Price,” “Look/Design of tube,” “Scent,” “Other” (with a write in option). The last two questions were demographic questions. The fifth question asked, “What’s your gender?” They could answer either “Male” or “Female.” The last question asked, “What’s your age?” They could answer, “13-17,” “18-30,” “31-45,” “46-65,” or “66+” (SurveyMonkey, 2017). BLISTEX&CAMPAIGN&PROJECT&& & 8& I then posted on my Facebook wall the link to the survey asking everyone to take a few moments to fill it out and thanked everyone in advance for his or her participation. I posted the link to my Facebook page on two separate occasions. I left the survey open for 24 hours and took the results of all respondents that had answered within that time frame. I then compared the results from the questions on The findings will be discussed in the section below. 3. Findings After leaving the survey open for twenty-four hours, I received fifty-seven responses. All applicants successfully completed the survey 100%. The average amount of time they spent filling out the survey was fifty seconds. For question 1, “Do you use Blistex products?” 16 respondents answered, “Yes,” 23 responded “No,” and 18 responded “Sometimes.” For question 2, “How would you rate Blistex’s products compared to their competitors (ex. Burt’s Bees, ChapStick, EOS, etc.)?” 6 respondents answered “Excellent,” 24 respondents answered “Good,” 17 respondents answered “Fair,” and 10 respondents answered “Unsatisfactory.” Question 3 was, “How likely are you to use Blistex products in the future?” 12 respondents answered “Very Likely,” 27 respondents answered “Somewhat Likely,” and 18 respondents answered “Not at all.” Question 4 read, “When Choosing a lip balm at the store, what drives your purchasing motives?” 19 respondents answered “Price,” 3 respondents answered “Look/Design of tube,” 8 respondents answered “Scent,” and 27 respondents answered “Other.” Question 4 offered a write in option if the respondent selected “Other.” Several respondents filled in this space differently: reviews online, allergies to alumina, color, historical use of the product, past experience with products, ingredients, how it feels when applied, brand loyalty, recommended by other consumers, BLISTEX&CAMPAIGN&PROJECT&& & 9& dependent on lip condition at the time of purchase, quality of products, or they don’t use lip balm. The most common responses for the write in option were: ingredients, how it feels on, and brand loyalty. Question 5 asked, “What’s your gender?” 4 respondents answered, “Male,” and 53 respondents answered “Female.” Lastly, question 6 asked, “What’s your age?” 0 respondents answered “13-17,” 34 respondents answered “18-30,” 10 respondents answered “31-45,” 11 respondents answered “46-65,” and 2 respondents answered “66+.” Of the 16 respondents that said they use Blistex products, 5 rated them “Excellent,” 8 rated them “Good,” 2 rated them “Fair,” and 1 rated them “Unsatisfactory.” Of the same 16 respondents, 11 said they were “Very Likely,” 4 “Somewhat Likely,” and 1 “Not at all” to use Blistex’s products in the future. 5 of these respondents said they buy lip balm based on price, 1 on the look/design of tube, 2 on scent, and 8 replied other. Of the 8 other responses the most common write in answer was the quality of the product, while the two outliers were color and allergies to alumina. All 16 of these respondents were female. 11 respondents were 18-30, 2 were 31-45, 2 were 46-65, and 1 was 66+. 23 respondents reported to not using Blistex products. Of these 23 respondents, 7 claimed Blistex products to be “Good,” 9 responded “Fair,” and 7 said “Unsatisfactory,” with none of these respondents calling Blistex products “Excellent.” 8 of these respondents said they are “Somewhat Likely,” while 15 responded “Not at all,” to use Blistex products in the future. Of these respondents, 4-claimed “Price,” 2 “Look/Design of tube,” 2 “Scent,” and 15 “Other” in what motivates them when purchasing lip balm at the store. Of the 15 respondents that selected “Other,” ingredients, brand loyalty, and quality were listed as purchasing motivations the most. 3 of these respondents were male and 20 female. 13 of these respondents were 18-30, 7 were 3145, and 3 were 46-65. BLISTEX&CAMPAIGN&PROJECT&& & 10& Unfortunately, only 4 of the 57 respondents were male. However, as this is a fairly untouched part of the lip care market, I will review their responses from the survey. 3 of the male respondents said they do not use Blistex products, but 1 said they do sometimes. 1 respondent rated Blistex products “Good,” 1 “Fair, and 2 “Unsatisfactory.” All four males said they would not use Blistex products in the future. When it comes to purchasing motives, 1 respondent stated, “Price,” 1 “Scent,” and 2 chose “Other.” The written in responses for the male respondents who chose “Other,” were: only natural, and online reviews. 2 of the males were 18-30, 1 was 31-45, and the other 46-65. The last review of the survey questions that will be compared is if the respondent selected that they were “Very Likely” or “Somewhat Likely” to purchase Blistex products in the future to their purchasing motives when buying lip balm at the store. 39 respondents said they were very or somewhat likely to purchase Blistex products in the future. Currently, 15 of them use, 8 do not use and 16 sometimes use Blistex products. Of these respondents, 6 rated Blistex products “Excellent,” 20 “Good,” 13 “Fair,” and 0 “Unsatisfactory.” 12 respondents said they are “Very Likely” and 27 “Somewhat Likely,” to use Blistex products in the future. 17 respondents said “Price,” 2 “Look/Design of tub,” 7 “Scent,” and 13 “Other” were their purchasing motivation when buying lip balm at the store. The top two fill in responses to the “Other,” for question 4 were results and quality. Other responses were: condition of lips at time of purchase, recommendations, and allergies. All 39 respondents were female. 25 respondents were 18-30, 5 were 31-45, 7 were 46-65, and 2 66+ (SurveyMonkey, 2017). Limitations of this survey are that it is very brief. In the future a much more detailed survey, interview, or focus groups should be conducted. This would help narrow down the findings even more than the survey at hand. Also, there was not a very broad demographic BLISTEX&CAMPAIGN&PROJECT&& & 11& sample taken. Blistex is a global company and studies should be done separately in each country as motivations and cultures will vary greatly. It would also be a good idea to interview or survey more male consumers. This survey lacked gender diversity as well as geographical. Finally, the survey was only distributed on my personal Facebook page. This can create biased results. In future surveys or interviews a random sample should be generated to create more reliable and unbiased findings. ii. Consumer Demographics 1. Age, gender, income, education, regionality, usage, etc. According to InfoScout (2015), Blistex’s average consumer is female with no children. The age that spends the most on Blistex is either under twenty-four years old or between fortyfive to fifty-four years old. Caucasian was the most likely to buy Blistex. Individuals with a college degree and with the income of $20k-40k, $80-100k, or $100k-125k are the current average consumer of Blistex products. It is bought as a fill up or pantry-stocking item. Blistex is commonly purchased in the beauty, dollar, or drug channels. Consumers often pay for Blistex with cash and purchase it during the afternoon or evening mainly, the weekends have peak sales for their products. Blistex is sold internationally (International, 2017). iii. Consumer Psychographics 1. Personality & Motivations Blistex is focused on providing global consumers with the optimum health care products (About Blistex, 2017). Overall, their current positioning is focused on targeting middle aged to older women. Mean are also encouraged to use Blistex products, but the focus is women. Blistex seeks consumers who are focused on obtaining the best possible lip care. This tends to be the main focus of Blistex products, being medicated (Calero et. al, n.d.). BLISTEX&CAMPAIGN&PROJECT&& & 12& 2. Wants/Needs/Problems/Interests Blistex consumers often seek the products for medication needs versus everyday use. It appears Blistex tends to lead towards people seeking more of an informative lip treatment then not (Calero et. al, n.d.). Blistex seeks consumers who are in need of lip medication (About Blistex, 2017). However, Blistex’s current positioning in women’s’ interests are undistinguishable. Blistex is currently working towards having more green ...
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Marketing Communication Plan
Supreme Brand
Professor Name




Executive summary
This paper is about the marketing communication plan for the chosen company
"Supreme". The introduction gives background information of the company in terms of when
it was formed and its philosophy, current market segmentation and its competitors. Supreme
is a company that was established in 1994 by James Jebbia. It started with making clothes
and skateboards and other products that the company thought would help it earn some
income. It started its operations in a small store on Lafayette Street, and it has now expanded
its operations to different locations all other the world (Todor 2014:59). In the beginning, the
company was focused on producing male products, but as year by year is passing, the
company’s products have been co-opted by women due to the increase in girls’ skaters as
well as the manner in which the current generation is having a genderless mode of dressing.
In this case young girls are purchasing clothes perceived to be for boys. Currently, the brand
produces clothes for young adults, youths, children men as well as women and individuals of
all ages. The marketing communication plan strategy part is the most important section as it
discusses how the company is going to increase brand awareness, increase market share and
inevitably increase sales. It starts off by discussing strategies and channels of advertising the
company currently uses. Then it discusses the various forms of promotion that it will use in
relation to the targeted group and the estimated cost of these campaigns. The section also
speaks about the expected outcome of the integrated campaign.



Supreme is a company known for an array of merchandise. The company produces

clothes, shoes, bags and many other fashionable items. However, skating is what is at the core
of the company's business model and passion. It was started in 1994 by a group of young
New York skaters, musicians and artists who became the initial staff and customers of the
company. At the time, the youth involved in the then young counter culture of hip hop, punk
and skating gravitated to the company and its philosophy (Supreme, 2015). This made it grow
into the downtown Manhattan institution that it became.
Supreme has over the years established itself as one of style, authenticity and quality.
It has continued working with musicians, artists, photographers and designers to maintain the
right attitude and unique identity. Basically the company has segmented its market based on
geographical locations. It has stores in New York, Los Angeles, London and Japan. In fact, it
has four stores in Japan two of which are in Tokyo. Its main target group is the skating-youth
of between 14 to 25 years of age. The same goes of its clothing line which also caters for
children of all age groups.
The company faces a lot of competition being a clothing line. The competition comes
from the likes of established brands such as Louis Vuitton, Fubu, Hermes, Levi's among
many others. However direct competition comes from other skating based companies such as
Stussy, Cliche, Polar, Doomsayers, Palace Skateboards, Raw, Magenta Skateboards, Heroin
Skateboards to mention but a few. The advantage that Supreme has over its competition is
that it is a better known brand as it has been around for a long time.
II. Situation Analysis
a. Company Analysis
The company has been segmented into market with one range of sports gears and
equipments that relevant to demographics, geographic and physiographic features. Besides,



the company targets in different identifiable sportswear like clothing, footwear and
accessories in order to meet the demand of the market. Besides, Athletic Supreme has stable
and accessible distribution network through shopping stores and online purchase which can
reach any sections of consumers (Schroeder, 2005). Athletics Supreme has the best products
in the globe but it cannot do better for the long run. However, with the high number of
sporting events that grows e every day, Athletic Supreme is converging on how to provide
some high-quality materials, but this is at a fair price for all customers in their one stop shop
enlargement. The company produces its equipment on high quality and care at the forefront.
According to Ahmed and Rahman (2015), the product is what the company has to
offer that may be tangible for example a physical product or a service that is intangible. For
the last ten years, Athletics Supreme Company’s growth can be attributed to their changes in
their product mix. The company’s product element in the marketing mix enumerates the
organization’s products that they offer to their target consumers. Even if the sportswear is the
popular products of the company, the company has added more products to this product
category. For example, the company is now offering the nontraditional sportswear that not
many companies are offering. This product targets the sports non-professionals that are
conscious about their health lifestyle. Athletics Supreme Company also engages in active
outdoor activities like bicycling, hiking, surfing, rock climbing, and horse riding, skiing, and
skating, unlike the competitors. When it comes to the products prices, the company has
ensured that their product’s prices are fair, and the middleclass citizens can afford unlike the
highly priced products of Adidas and Nike among other competitors. The prices of the
competitors are very high and this results in many consumers preferring to purchase from
Athletics Supreme Company (Schroeder, 2005).
Warranty is another good product element that this company offers. When one
purchases a product from this company, they are given a 13 months warranty that may



consumers have liked. The introduction of the warranty element has and will continue
attracting many consumers. Packaging is another core element that the company has
succeeded on. The packaging of the products is unique and classy and the packaging
materials are environmentally friendly and branded. Because of the environmental issues
nowadays, the consumers prefer to buy products from companies that are environmentally
Based on the product element, it is evident that the Athletics Supreme Company has
succeeded in its expansion of the products. The company has a competitive advantage when
it comes to the product. Their packaging, the prices, warranty among other services that they
offer has made their products to be preferred more at their competitors (Spry, Pappu, &
Cornwell, 2012). The company has many products that are of unique design, distinctive
technology (use of natural and organic fiber) and style. They include sweatshirts, footwear, tshirts, jacket among others that consumers may never find in other companies.
i. Company History
The company was founded back in 2005 and despite the company has managed to
thrive for the 10 years and has attained legendary position through offering innovative
attractive designs of the athletic equipment and wise marketing strategies. Athletics supreme
has got a huge range of the target market ranging from the high income earners all the way to
the low income earners. Also its products offerings are for the young and the old. The
company therefore aims at meeting the requirements of people of all ages belonging to
various categories. Through this the company has been able to gain maximum number of
customers and also profit. The company’s profile has grown to gain a renowned position for
the last 10 years.
ii. Company Culture/Mission
The company's culture is to treat yourselves and as their clients with deference, being



innovative and creative, and settle on human choices (Shepherd, Chartrand, & Fitzsimons,
2015). Be available to change and look after adaptability. Their mission is to aides you as an
organization. It's what separates you. It's what each venture, activity, and group objective
should rise to. A powerful statement of purpose associates representatives to your
organization's definitive reason and encourages them to see how their work impacts the
business. Here are a few instances of organization statements of purpose: CultureIQ: To
collaborate with associations and their pioneers to make culture an upper hand. Warby
Parker: To offer architect eyewear at a progressive cost, while driving the path for socially
cognizant organizations. IKEA: To make a superior regular day to day existence for some
individuals. Squarespace: To make lovely items that help individuals with innovative
thoughts succeed. Slack: To make your working life less complex, increasingly charming, and
progressively profitable.
iii. Company Problems/Challenges
The company faced issues regarding the costing of their products which said to be
very expensive that cannot be afford by the consumers. Also, The high the metric the higher
the value that the customers are bringing into the organization-Athletic Supreme will aim
towards achieving a high customer lifetime value. However very high ratio may not be good
though as it may indicate that the company is restraining growth through under spending and
making life easy for the competition.
iv. Industry/Category/Overall Market Trends
Athletics Supreme utilizes IT in the marketing information systems very effectively.
Athletics Supreme applies the marketing information systems to economics of innovation, in
the segmentation and differentiation for all of its businesses. Athletics Supreme leadership
status owes in a large part to the using of extremely valuable Information Technology, and
applying this to every aspect of its products right from the development and up to the



distribution. Generally in the society, people are becoming more and more health and diet
conscious. Consequently more and more people are joining the fitness clubs to exercise their
bodies. Therefore there is an accompanying demand for various fitness products shoes
equipment and even the exercise apparel .Athletics Supreme is at the fore front of this surge
in the demand as more and more people shift towards buying more of the exercise apparels
and equipment ("Small Business", 2015). The company has continued to observe labor and
factory conditions so as to remain socially responsible. This is in order not to contravene the
local and the international standards.
One such company that failed because of the key trends at the marketplace was
Supreme which operated in the mobile phone industry. Supreme was once a market leader at
the global level in the international markets. Gradually with the development of the latest IT
technologies. Supreme did not realize this change and did not bring the desired changes in the
technology of its mobile phones and finally was out of the market. As the competition
increased new companies like other company products started to emerge at the marketplace.
These companies offered more advanced features to the customers at economical pricing.
Thus it can be established that the organizations need to change their business models as per
the changing trends and requirements of the marketplace.

v. Company Opportunities
Supreme fans go through the motions for the opportunity to settle up to $100 for a
Supreme shirt, about $340 for a fleece varsity coat or even nearly $200 for a Supreme table
tennis set. Be that as it may, what do Supreme-heads do on the off chance that they can't tie
down a spot in the line to get those things before they sell out? That is the place Supreme's
amazingly dynamic resale showcase warms up, with locales like StockX and different
affiliates posting sold-out things for resale at cosmic markups, similar to a shirt including



Supreme's straightforward red box logo that sells at a normal cost of more than $900 over the
previous year on StockX. The shirt recently retailed for simply over $30 through Supreme
(Ryan, D., 2016).
For Migraine, the explanation he fixates on gathering Supreme products over those
discharged by other style brands needs to do, to some extent, with his regard for Supreme's
backstory, developing its clout from a little skateboard shop to a worldwide brand over
decades. He's additionally fascinated with the wide assortment of popular culture references
touted in numerous Supreme items, which as of late highlighted shirts giving proper respect
to famous craftsmanship house rockers. The Velvet Underground, while past product
offerings included references to social symbols going from Miles Davis to The Muppets to
the craftsman Jean-Michel Basquiat.
b. Consumer Analysis
In this portion, I developed a certain survey and posted it to the site of to distribute to individuals about Supreme. this survey will be
evaluated on how the individuals will going to react on the Supreme products, if they
use them and why. Also, the survey asked for their age and gender to see if there is
any correlation on the results and deliver the outputs.

i. Primary Research
Performing this short research I made, the primar...

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