Optimal Sports Performance Paper

Optimal Sports Performance


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Optimal Sports Performance

APA Formatting

Graduate level writing

10 pages or more

12 to 14 references

Using your athlete analysis, you are to design a 36-week training program.

You are to identify what exercises you will use during each phase, including repetitions, sets and intensity. You need to justify why you are using the exercise, including repetitions, sets and intensity.

In addition to designing this workout you are to develop nutritional guidelines for the athlete that he/she may be able to use to help with their goals. You are NOT to design an actual diet, but rather guidelines that will help them reach their goals.

Be sure to support your opinions with rationales providing credible sources.


Clark & Lucett NASM Essentials of Sports Performance Training. Lippincott, Williams and Wilkins 2010.

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Optimal Training Performance




Optimal Training Performance
Athletes need a lot of training to perform optimally during any competition. It is for the
same reason that fitness levels are required for successful indoor and outdoor games at any given
point in time. It does not matter which game one falls on. They need to be on their best
psychologically, emotionally, and physically. The operations surrounding exercising then go on
ti have rules and regulations. Every program/training objective has its expected outcome. For
example, one does push-ups to strengthen their muscles, thus engage their fitness levels at any
given point in time. There are several examples of athletes and sports personnel who have really
done their best to get to the bottom of their fitness levels and thus guarantee success. The first
example points to Serena Williams. The self-accomplished sports person has excelled in the
court over countless years. The secret behind her success can be attributed to high fitness levels
and dedication, for that matter.
Since when she lost these competitive factors, Serena has never been the same again.
Upon returning from injury and also giving birth, the successful tennis players has failed the
Australian open and other vital competition. Therefore, this points to the fact that fitness levels
play a big part in the ambitious objective and outcome of any given individual all the time. Thus,
the following analysis seeks to digest the phases of exercising by an athlete. The steps provide an
ample analogy that goes ahead in breaking down the training program espoused by an athlete. In
addition to the above analogy, it is also vital to ensure that people and coaches train athletes on
the various health paths that need to get attention. The question here goes, which dietary
techniques would enable the athlete to meet their training objectives?



Training program Dissected
There are several vital elements when coming up with a training program. Different
options provide unique opportunities worth investigating and managing. Thus, coaches and
athletes need to work on a designated approach in getting to the bottom of a perfect and
successful training program. Therefore, the design should rely on a series of activities and
outcomes. When one is looking at improving their speed, for instance, it will not be the only
factor to look into (Rossingh, 2019).
Other factors, such as their strength will play a vital part in their operations and activities
and success. The power and exercising technique will go in a long way in getting the
sportsperson in the best shape and ready for performance excellence and related outcomes at any
given point in time. Before talking about the phases, it is vital to underpin the training methods
used by various athletes to get the best out of their training goals.
Factors considered before undertaking a training program
Before coming up with an effective training program, it is vital to come up with articulate
factors that go into forming the very facts around a training schedule and timeline, first of all,
each sportsman/woman need to underline the specificity of the exercises at any given point in
time. The person concerned must come up with a technical ability to come up with drills that are
relevant to their sport. Also, movement patterns and positions within a game will form a
significant segment when conducting an exercise.
It means that for someone to come up with a specific training and exercise level, they
need to ensure that they get to the bottom of all the training analogies and integrative at any
given point in time. I particularly like the fact that this factor considers particular drills for



particular athletes. According to the proponents of the above consideration, they had the idea that
the exercises a footballer undergoes should never match that which a tennis player passes
through. For instance, a tennis player will have to focus on speed and especially emphasize the
direction of the same when they serve. On the other hand, thei...

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