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Presentation should review the theoretical framework of the project, the scholarship and data on which the findings were based, the research conclusion, and the policy implications of the finding. i have the research paper with me

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Chronic Juvenile

Chronic Juvenile Offenses

•U.S. Department of Justice report - chro
nic offenders contribute to over 66% of c
hronic offenses
•Chronic juvenile offenses have doubled
in past three decades
•We shall examine the prevalence, theor
ies of juvenile delinquency and current is
sues in chronic juvenile offenses

Chronic Juvenile Offenses
Who are Chronic Juvenile Offenders?

•Group of delinquent juveniles with high
recidivism (Kennedy et al., 2019)
•Engage in violent crimes, homicides, an
d drug trafficking
•Chronic juvenile offenses are few but c
ontribute to vast majority of crimes that i
nvolve under-age population

Chronic Juvenile Offenses
Major Criminal Offenses Common to Group

•Juvenile homicide is most common
•Juvenile homicides went up by over 50
% from 1980 to 1991 (Cornell, 1993)
•From 2003 to 2006 juvenile homicides i
ncreased by over 30% (OJJDP Statistica
l Briefing Book, 2018)
•2016, chronic juveniles had over 700 ho
micides in the U.S.

Chronic Juvenile Offenses
Popular Locations of Juvenile Offenses

•Cities are major location for homicides (
Holland et al., 2019)
•Majority of crimes are single victim
•Prevalence of m...

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