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Please download the Bullies Be Gone!

Read the following 4 poems:

  • Rumors Online (p. 45)
  • My Mental Toughness (p. 16)
  • My Difference is My Strength (p. 24)
  • Mental Weakness (p. 64)

Download and complete a description for each of the 4 poems in the Anti-bullying poem work sheet.

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INTERPRETATING THE ANTI-BULLYING POEMS & ILLUSTRATIONS For this assignment, try to put yourself in the mindset a child or teen facing bullying at school when answering. 1a. What is the THEME or MAIN IDEA of the first poem as it refers to BULLYING? 2a. What is the THEME or MAIN IDEA of the first illustration as it refers to BULLYING? 1b. What is the THEME or MAIN IDEA of the second poem as it refers to BULLYING? 2b. What is the THEME or MAIN IDEA of the second illustration as it refers to BULLYING? 2 INTERPRETATING THE ANTI-BULLYING POEMS & ILLUSTRATIONS For this assignment, try to put yourself in the mindset a child or teen facing bullying at school when answering. 1c. What is the THEME or MAIN IDEA of the third poem as it refers to BULLYING? 2c. What is the THEME or MAIN IDEA of the third illustration as it refers to BULLYING? 1d. What is the THEME or MAIN IDEA of the fourth poem as it refers to BULLYING? 2d. What is the THEME or MAIN IDEA of the fourth illustration as it refers to BULLYING? Bullies Be Gone! Project Poetry Anti-Bullying Training Manual for Teachers By Al Johnson Copyright 2018 All Rights Reserved Manufactured in the United States of America No part of this Training Manual may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means, including information storage and retrieval systems without permission in writing from the author, publisher, except by reviewer, who may quote brief passages in review. 1 Bullies Be Gone! Project Anti-Bullying Training for Teachers Al Johnson’s Original Poetry With this training, teachers will be able to teach the Bullies Be Gone! Project AntiBullying Poetry Training directly to children and teens in the classroom setting year-round. Children and Teens will have the Bullies Be Gone! Project main poetry book and training workbook during instruction. (Optional) Objective of the Bullies Be Gone! Project: Self-Empowerment Training for Children and Teens That Prevents and Protects Against Bullying This Training is applicable for teachers of 4th-12th grades. There are 6 Poetry Groups in this training of Vital Importance to children, teens, and adults. They are: • Anti-Bullying Self-Empowerment Poems & Training • Anti-Cyberspace Bullying Poems & Training • Anti-Bullying Poems for Bullies and ‘Wanna’ Be Bullies & Training • Anti-Bullying Poems for All Children & Bullies (4th -12th grades) & Training • Anti-Bullying Poems for Children & Adults & Training • Anti-Bullying Transforming Poems for Bullies & Training All 6 Groups & Poems Follow Words, Phrases, and Stanzas in Blue Print are to Induce Vocabulary Building, Critical Thinking, Critical Discussion, Creativity, Writing Skills, and an in depth understanding of the Theme and Main Idea each poem conveys. Often, the entire poem is in Blue Print because of its all-encompassing importance in Eliminating and Preventing Bullying. 2 Teachers should keep in mind the importance of Words and how they have a Devastating Negative Impact on kids, teens, and adults who become victims of Bullying: Words Can Harm, Hurt, Deflate, and Even Kill! Words Can Build Self-Confidence, Empower, Inspire, and Heal! The Words in Bullies Be Gone! Project Poetry are to create a Mindset in Children and Adults for the Latter. (Psycho Neurological Training, which entails attention, problem solving, memory, language, and social-emotional functioning, leading to Behavior in children, teens, and adults) NOTE: Before the actual teacher training, upcoming participants in the class should study each poem and become familiar with the Theme and Main Idea of the poem. Follow the guidelines as mentioned in this piece as to the objective of the Bullies Be Gone! Project and objective of each poem. As aspiring teachers, I look forward to teaching you the skills and techniques of my Bullies Be Gone! Project Poetry. You will learn how my poetry can be used to effectively Eliminate and Prevent Bullying and how you can apply these skills in your classroom. Ninety five percent of all children and teens, no matter their place of residence DO NOT possess the Vital Life Anti-Bullying Skills my Bullies Be Gone! Project imparts. It is my intent and passion, as the creator, to reverse this disturbing trend. With your help, knowledge, and expertise as aspiring teachers, this objective can more readily become a reality. Thank you! Bullies Be Gone! Project Poems for Teacher Training (How to Teach Anti-Bullying Skills & Words with Poetry) Group 1 Poems – Self-Empowerment Awareness (Self-Empowerment Anti-Bullying Poem) I’m Not Going to be Afraid Anymore (Self-Empowerment Anti-Bullying Poem) No Longer Will You Bully Me (Self-Empowerment Anti-Bullying Poem) I’m As Self-Confident As Can Be (Self-Empowerment Anti-Bullying Poem) 3 My Mental Toughness (Self-Empowerment Anti-Bullying Poem) I Will Not Be Your Victim Anymore (Self-Empowerment Anti-Bullying Poem) Body Language (Self-Empowerment Anti-Bullying Poem) Do The Unexpected (Self-Empowerment Anti-Bullying Poem) My Difference Is My Strength (Self-Empowerment Anti-Bullying Poem) Your Nasty Words Cannot Hurt Me (Self-Empowerment Anti-Bullying Poem) You Must Solve Your Bullying Problem (Self-Empowerment Anti-Bullying Poem) Being Street Smart (Self-Empowerment Anti-Bullying Poem) Hitting “The Light Switch” (Self-Empowerment Anti-Bullying Poem) Relax, React, Respond (Self-Empowerment Anti-Bullying Poem) Now I Can Laugh, Joke, and Have Fun Again (Self-Empowerment Anti-Bullying Poem) Confuse The Bully (Self-Empowerment Anti-Bullying Poem) _________________________________________________________ Group 2 Poems – Anti-Cyberspace Poems Social Skills Too (Anti-Cyberspace Bullying Poems) Social Network Caution (Anti-Cyberspace Bullying Poems) Rumors On Line (Anti-Cyberspace Bullying Poems) You Hide in Front of a Computer (Anti-Cyberspace Bullying Poems) The Stranger On The Internet (Anti-Cyberspace Bullying Poems) • There are Poems in other groups that can be directly applied to AntiCyberspace Bullying (They will be highlighted in the training) __________________________________________________________ 4 Group 3 Poems – Messages to Bullies & ‘Wanna’ Be Bullies Who Bullied You? (Poem for Bullies and ‘Wanna’ Be Bullies) One Time (Poem for Bullies and ‘Wanna’ Be Bullies) Somewhere Inside You (Poem for Bullies and ‘Wanna’ Be Bullies) What Is Going On Inside Your Head? (Poem for Bullies and ‘Wanna’ Be Bullies) Make This Day The Last (Poem for Bullies and ‘Wanna’ Be Bullies) _________________________________________________________ Group 4 Poems – Messages For Children, Teens & Bullies Do Bullies Ever Cry? (Poetic Message to all Children & Bullies) Mental Weakness (Poetic Message to all Children & Bullies) Isolated and Alone (Poetic Message to all Children & Bullies) I Once Bullied Too (Poetic Message to Bullies, all Children & Adults) What Path In Life Are You On? (Poetic Message to all Children & Bullies) Never Argue With A Bully (Poetic Message to Children Being Bullied or Fearful of it) __________________________________________________________ 5 Group 5 Poems – Messages for Children, Teens & Adults I Feel Sorry for Bullies (Poetic Message for Children & Adults) Bullying Must Not Be Taken Lightly (Poetic Message for Children & Adults) Bullies Are Without Self-Confidence (Poetic Message for Children & Adults) Have You Ever Thought About Being A Bully? (Poetic Message for Children & Adults) A Bully’s Negative Impact (Poetic Message for Children & Adults) Take A Long Look In The Mirror (Introspection Message for Children & Adults) __________________________________________________________ Group 6 Poems – Transforming Messages for Bullies You’re The Weak One (Transforming Message for Bullies) Hateful Words (Transforming Message for Bullies) You Weren’t Born A Bully (Transforming Message for Bullies) I Strongly Suggest You Stop Bullying (Transforming Message for Bullies) How Many Times? (Transforming Message for Bullies) It’s Never Too Late to Change (Transforming Message for Bullies) Do You Really Enjoy Being Mean? (Transforming Message for Bullies) __________________________________________________________ 6 BEGINNING OF SELF-EMPOWERMENT POEMS What is the Theme/Main Idea of the Illustration and Hidden Message(s)? 7 AWARENESS A kid’s best chance of not being bullied is to be keenly aware of bullies long before it’s too late. Kids must know subtle signs a bully might reveal and what those signs could indicate. Too often today, a kid’s attention is constantly focused on I-pads, cell phones, and any other electronic device. Kids are not nearly as focused on their environment, people in it, or potential trouble that could be lurking in plain sight. Bullies count on kids being unaware. This makes it easy for a kid to be caught off guard. Being caught off guard, surprised, and confused makes a kid’s chances of avoiding and defeating the bully very hard. The only good thing about bullies is that they’re easily recognized, if a kid knows what to look for. Bullies and potential ones tend to have similar traits. They call kids names, push, and shove, they want things their way. They seldom smile and, when patience is needed, the bully has none. Bullies are ill equipped to patiently wait. There are other unpleasant signs a bully has; the ones mentioned are just an important few. Kids, please learn to recognize them, you’ll be more aware and have a much better chance of avoiding the bully if you do. Kids, stay alert, stay aware, and stay away from the bully. It is what you must learn how to effectively do. By sharpening your awareness skills, the outcome will be bad for the bully and very good for you. Al Johnson 8 What is the Theme/Main Idea of the Illustration and Hidden Message(s)? 9 I’M NOT GOING TO BE AFRAID ANYMORE I’m not going to be afraid anymore of you and your bullying ways. You’ve been bullying me over and over again, day after miserable day. You call me names, sometimes push and shove, say bad things to me, and spread rumors about me to other kids. I told my parents, the teachers, and principal too. You always lie and say bullying is not something you do or ever did. So, it’s obvious to me that I must solve my own bullying problem by taking a stronger stand. I’m not going to be afraid of you anymore, this I hope you clearly understand. Short of having to fight you, unless you provoke me, you will no longer bully me. Can you hear the strength, sincerity, and passion in my voice? I’m not going to be afraid of you anymore. It would be a very wise thing for you to immediately take heed. Al Johnson 10 What is the Theme/Main Idea of the Illustration and Hidden Message(s)? 11 NO LONGER WILL YOU BULLY ME The days of you bullying me are over as of this precise moment in time. Yes, I mean it! I will back up my words in any peaceful way if I have to, for you to get the message. I will no longer be yanked from your bullying-victim-line. No longer will you bully me at school, in the neighborhood, or on the internet. I have empowered myself with self-confidence and pride like never before. Weaknesses I had that you took advantage of are gone for good. Yep, my mindset has changed just like that. No longer will you bully me! If you try, an unpleasant surprise you will quickly see. I told you when you first started bullying me, I didn’t want any trouble. But you didn’t stop. And I was first unable to muster up the self-confidence to make you stop, like I could. Now if you continue to try to bully me, you’ll see a side of me you’ve never seen before. I promise, for you, the outcome won’t be very good. I hope you take my words to heart and end your bullying ways as fast as can be. I can’t speak for other kids you might be bullying, but no longer will you bully me! Al Johnson 12 What is the Theme/Main Idea of the Illustration and Hidden Message(s)? 13 I’M AS SELF-CONFIDENT AS CAN BE For a while, I let the bully steal my self-confidence away from me, or maybe it was never there. The bully caused me to hang my head and question my inner strength. Sometimes I just sat around feeling lousy, with a blank stare. Bullies have a way of making you feel much smaller and weaker than you really are. However, kids, your powerful self-confidence can destroy the bully by you discovering who you really are. Bullies want to keep a kid weak, with a confused mind, That way the bully can take advantage of a kid, time after time. Lucky for me, I found my self-confidence. It was anxious to surface. I just hadn’t found it yet, even though it was always there. Powerful self-confidence is in all kids, that includes you. It sometimes gets lost along the way; kids need to just find out where. Here’s to your new self-confidence that you will soon find. With it, you will surely defeat the bully. I once was a victim of the bully too, but not anymore. I’m as self-confident as can be. Al Johnson 14 What is the Theme/Main Idea of the Illustration and Hidden Message(s)? 15 MY MENTAL TOUGHNESS My mental toughness wasn’t anywhere to be found when you started bullying me. I didn’t think much of myself; your bullying made me feel small and weak. I spent a lot of time being angry and crying. I didn’t laugh like before, not very much at all. You were winning, and what little pride I had left was sinking fast. I felt like banging my head against the wall. Then my parents told me that bullies might sometimes be physically strong, but mentally they’re very weak. They told me to develop my mental toughness, by doing so, the bully I could easily defeat. So, I began thinking I was strong, in body and mind. And you know what? The more I thought about being mentally tough, the more confidence I seemed to find. Mental toughness is a powerful tool that all kids should develop, have, and use. If bullies happen to enter your space, the bully will sense your mental toughness. Bullies will immediately know, trying to bully you, will result in a situation where he/she will surely lose. Al Johnson 16 I WILL NOT BE YOUR VICTIM ANYMORE What is the Theme/Main Idea of the Illustration and Hidden Message(s)? 17 I WILL NOT BE YOUR VICTIM ANYMORE I will not be your victim anymore, you’ve gone too far. I’ve had enough. You’ve bullied me, made me cry, and made me sad and mad, too. You enjoy bullying and stuff. Suddenly, when I woke up this morning, I decided I would not be your victim anymore. I was surprised how strong I felt just saying those words to myself over and over again as I walked out my front door. “I will not be your victim anymore” are words that have a lot of power if kids who are being bullied truly believe. If kids repeat, “I will not be your victim anymore,” it could give a kid the determination to stop the bullying they need. Those words sure gave me strength and confidence; they could do the same for you. No kid deserves to ever be bullied. If you’re a kid and you’re being bullied, here’s what I suggest you do: Make a decision that you’re no longer going to be bullied like before. Say these words over and over again to yourself, then say them to the bully with conviction, when you feel strong and confident: “I will not be your victim anymore!” Al Johnson 18 What is the Theme/Main Idea of the Illustration and Hidden Message(s)? 19 BODY LANGUAGE Kids, your body language says a lot about you. It tells the world if you have confidence or not in almost everything you do. If your shoulders are drooping and you appear to always be looking at the ground, A bully will surely see your poor body language, and quickly decide you’re the perfect kid for a bully to hound. Kids, you must stand tall, walk with your chin up and shoulders back. You will be telling the world you’re a kid that is alert and aware. The bully will take one long look at you and conclude you’re not a kid to be picked on at all. The best choice for the bully will be to go elsewhere. Be proud of who you are each and every day and display it from head to toe. Your good body language will be a powerful tool for you to use. It may be all you need to prevent the bully from coming anywhere close. Al Johnson 20 What is the Theme/Main Idea of the Illustration and Hidden Message(s)? 21 DO THE UNEXPECTED Bullies are used to their victims acting in a particular way. Therefore, a bully can easily take advantage of a kid that reacts the same way, day after day. If kids learn to do the unexpected when a bully gets in their space, It could create confusion in the bully’s mind and put the bully in an unwanted and uncomfortable place. The bully expects kids to be afraid of them all the time. Kids do the unexpected, though it may be hard at first. Show no visible fear, show confidence just by your powerful body language and the look in your eyes. Bullies usually speak to their victims in a commanding voice. Kids do the unexpected, your voice can be just as commanding, if not more so. Be serious about what you say to the bully. It’s your best choice. A bully may put his/her unwanted hands on you. Kids do the unexpected, the bully’s uninvited hands must be quickly removed. Kids, you can ask the bully to remove their hands in your commanding voice. If he/she doesn’t, you must physically take them away, then leave the scene quickly, fighting the bully should never be your first choice. To do the unexpected could be anything you do out of the ordinary using your look, voice, body, or mind. By doing the unexpected, a kid could eliminate a bullying problem for the very last time. Al Johnson 22 What is the Theme/Main Idea of the Illustration and Hidden Message(s)? 23 MY DIFFERENCE IS MY STRENGTH The difference in the way I look, walk, talk, or what I prefer in life is not my weakness. Because of your misguided and intolerant beliefs, you need to know, my difference is my strength. I'm not ashamed of who I am. No matter how many nasty things you say about me, my head will be held very high. My difference is my strength. Unfortunately, you have to live with your ignorance and hate. Unless you change, you'll carry that heavy burden for the rest of your miserable life. That heavy load will eventually wear you down. You'll be stuck in quicksand, slowly sinking, as time rapidly passes you by. You'll never be the good and kindhearted person you could have been. You'll never experience the brilliance of humankind. My difference is my strength. I'm happy with and proud of who I am. My strength lies in my heart and mind. Your needless criticism of me and others too, for no viable reason, shows how shallow a person you really are. My difference is my strength. Do you even have the slightest clue that your nasty tone unnecessarily, goes way too far? My difference is my strength. Your weakness lies in the disrespectful things you say and do. My difference is my strength. However, you're not a lost cause. I truly believe there's still a sliver of hope for positive change, longing to come out, somewhere deep inside you! If somehow, you haven't clearly understood the powerful message to you I've sent. Emphatically, I say to you again, my difference is my strength! MY DIFFERENCE IS MY STRENGTH!! Al Johnson 24 What is the Theme/Main Idea of the Illustration and Hidden Message(s)? 25 YOUR NASTY WORDS CANNOT HURT ME You hoped the nasty words you said to me would hurt me so much that like a turtle, I would go into a permanent shell. My parents told me not to give a bully that kind of satisfaction. From all the nasty words you said, guess what? I’m not feeling bad at all. In fact, I’m doing quite well. Yes, your nasty words hurt me at first, just as you wanted them to. I’m lucky to have parents, responsible adults, and even other kids, who showed me how to handle bullies like you. I don’t care the least bit what you do anymor ...
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For this assignment, try to put yourself in the mindset a child or teen facing bullying at school when answering.
1a. What is the THEME or MAIN IDEA of the first poem as it refers to BULLYING? – Rumors Online
The theme of the poem is resilience.

2a. What is the THEME or ...

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