This assignment is to read the two chapters assigned and make notes on each chapter

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This assignment is to read the two chapters assigned and make notes on each chapter of them. I have uploaded the word document that contains details on how the assignment should be done, and i also uploaded two PDF file of both the chapters.

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The assigned reading is BSG chapter 16 and KSK chapters 11. For this assignment is to take notes on the chapters as you read. (You must have at least 30 different points in your summaries to earn the extra credit; the 30 points must be from at least the 2 different assigned chapters for this week—so, for example, you could have 20 points from BSG chapter and10 points on KSK chapter. Also, your notes need to be clearly divided by chapter. These summaries can be used on the final exam.) These summaries are due to Canvas by 4:59 pm on Sunday, December 1st.
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Fam, Here are the chapter summarieslet me know of any edits or questions. Thank you!



Chapter Summaries
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Chapter 11 Summary

The conclusion to Researching Theories of Crime and Deviance
The concluding chapter of ‘Researching theories of crime and deviance’ by Kubrin,
Stucky, & Krohn, (2009) answers the questions as to why some people are often likely to involve
themselves in crime than others in society. It further investigates the reasons why specific
neighborhoods or groups tend to be fond of criminal offenses as compared to others. The study
of the root courses of crime is considered challenging despite the efforts of researchers to
comprehend the phenomena. Fundamentally, any conduct leading to crime can easily be
manipulated and a criminal or deviant act to be derived from a wide range of causes. Through
criminological inquiry, which links theories and research by developing models that answer
critical questions and modify existing theories based on empirical evidence.
This chapter highlights discussions on the relationship linking theory and research in
criminology, as documented in the first chapter of the book. ...

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