16.4. Discussion Forum 6: Future of Human Evolution (Graded Discussion)

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The topic of this week's forum is a broad one--humanity's future. You have learned how human evolution has been shaped by forces such as the physical environment, antagonistic and symbiotic relationships with other species, disease, and human cultural interactions. Now share your predictions for the future of human evolution. What biological changes in humans will occur over the next centuries? How might forces such as climate change, disease, genetic technology, and globalization affect us? Do you think our physical appearance will change substantially (are we going to grow ever-enormous brains for example)? Try to apply what you have learned about evolutionary and biocultural forces in making your predictions. You are free to be imaginative and speculate here--so long as you provide a rationale for your predictions!

As always, respond to two student posts as well as your original post.

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Future of Human Evolution
The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin has lead scientists to trace human remains. These fossils
were evidence that evolution was real. The apes evolved, started walking in two legs and finally
walked upright just like the modern man. Darwin tried to relate evolution with various factors that
aided in evolution. Natural selection was one factor, where climate, diseases, and environmental
factors played a key role. But with the growth of the modern man in terms of mental abilities and
advancement of technology, we will finally have to wo...

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