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Give an account of an episode where leadership was an important aspect of medical education.

(It is unlikely that you have not experienced an episode of leadership but, if this is the case, then instead critically appraise one aspect of leadership that is explored in this module that you feel is important to your personal practice as an educator).

you can write about episode of absence of 2 senior staff on 3 succesive days from hospital and I have been elected to manage the unforseen circumstances to cover clinics endoscopy sessions with leadership of juniors doctors

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Leadership is an essential aspect of medical education
Due to the changing medical world aiming to offer quality services, the relevant stakeholders are
demanding employees who are having a higher capability for leadership. Regardless of the line of
specialization of employees, medical organization are expecting them to be responsible for all activities
subjected to achieve patient care. All the experts in medical lines are supposed to know all the other
factors that may affect the leadership effectiveness such as politics, economic, social and technological
related factors. All these factors are an exemption. They must encounter them as much as they are in the
line of the provision of health care in the whole of their career. To overcome all these factors which may
be seen as a barrier to the achievement of quality health service they must be a clear and defined system,
clear reports well-defined responsibility for each employee and their office and also a conducive
environment which will help implementation of all these. Management and leadership skill is a critical
factor in ensuring there is a provision of quality medical services to all stakeholders with competency.
Continuous involvement of all the leader in any medical organization set up will help to speed up the
services delivery and also provide functional associations between the doctors, managers and all the other
stakeholders. To offer quality clinical services, interprofessional teamwork, leadership and management
skills are very essentials. In worldwide health care organization are rapidly changing, bringing with it a
lot of challenges which can only be solved by good leadership and management skills. Such challenges
arising due to the dynamic healthcare organization may include; financial constraint which requires an
excellent leadership skill to put it in the required level, higher demand for accountability, strict rules and
regulations and demographic changes (Press, n.d.).
As a medical staff, I had a chance to apply these leadership skill...

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