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Using the same topic that you identified in the first writing assignment and further researched in the second, compose a short (two pages) write-up exploring the data that exists on your topic. In about 2-3 pages (double spaced, 12 point font, 1 inch margins, MLA format) Address the following:

(1) Where did you find the data?

(2) How and when was the data collected?

(3) What does the data document?

(4) How does the data relate to your topic?

(5) What are the limitations of the data?

You might look at one of the following sites:

The General Social Survey

The World Values Survey


The U.S. Census

The Population Reference Bureau

The U.S. Department of Education

The Uniform Crime Reporting Program


If your topic is so novel that there is little data on the subject, write a short proposed data section. In other words, what data would you like to see on this topic...? How should it be collected (methods, sample, sites, duration)...? What do you think the data yield might uncover...?

Your Grade for this Assignment is based on the following:

Inclusion & Explanation of the Data 15 Points

Discussion of the Relationship to your Topic 10 Points

Critical Assessment of the data (limitations) 10 Points

Formatting (ASA Writing Style, 2-3 Pages, Works Cited) 10 Points

Grammar & Writing Style 5 Points

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Surname 1
Technology and society
In the current world, technology has greatly transformed the living standards of people in
society. For example, the use of mobile phones has enhanced access to information through the
internet, social media applications, and have promoted online language learning. Also, the use of
technology has facilitated the health sector, security, agriculture, and transportation. However,
as much as society enjoys the benefits of technology, there are so many negative impacts that
need ethical concerns. In this case, a lot of researches has been undertaken to determine the
negative impact of technology in society.
The data concerning technology and society was found by viewing previewed articles and
websites. These sources contained vast information about the impact of technology on society.
More specifically, websites contained information on h...

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