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Answer ALL parts of the following question in detail.

1). Identify ONE form of deviant behavior in American society.

2) Conduct secondary research from your textbook, online sources, social media to find out as much information as possible about this form of deviance.

3) Using information (statistical and factual) from your textbook and all the other relevant sources, outline the factors responsible for this type of deviance. That is, discuss all the factors or conditions that can give rise to this form of deviance, discuss the various forms that behavior as well.

4) Think about the following theoretical frameworks discussed in your class— Functionalism, Labeling/Symbolic Interactionism, Conflict & Feminist Theories. Use ONE of the theory to explain why this form of deviance occurs.

5) Conclusion: What will happen in 5 years, 10 years or more if something is not done about the deviant behavior you are writing about?

Title; Develop a title for your paper; example: Pick-Pockets in Winston, USA.

Introduction: State what your research paper is about; you can state your objective here; you may re-word the question and use it as your introduction. You may also state the sources of your information example— in writing this research paper I used information from the PowerPoint slides provided for the course, textbook, YouTube and other social media sources. You may also state the format/structure of your work here—example—the paper begins with definition of key concepts and statistics about the deviant behavior, this is followed by a brief history, and then the factors responsible for this form of deviance.

Main Body 1: Define the deviant behavior and also all key concepts that you are using in the paper here; then state some the statistical data about the deviant behavior using a trend format—example, in 1980 there were 20,000 pick-pockets in NC, by 1985 the number has increased to 500,000, and by 2010 the number of pick-pocket thieves has ballooned to over one million.

Main Body 2: Provide a brief history about the deviant behavior if possible; this is sociology not history—only a short history about the form of deviant behavior. You must state your sources of information.

Main body 3: Describe/ analyze the factors responsible for the type of deviant behavior. This is the longest part of the paper it may take you several paragraphs as you discuss all the factors or conditions that can give rise to this form of deviance; you will also discuss the various forms of that deviant behavior as well. State your sources, paraphrase if possible.

Main Body 4: At this stage, you will choose one of the theories ABOVE that best explains the deviant behavior. First, provide a brief summary of the chosen theory; next show how the theory explains the phenomenon and why it is the best theory to do so in your view.

You may also want to explain why the other theories are not suitable for explaining the deviant behavior.

Conclusion: Discuss what will happen in 5 years, 10 years or more if something is not done about the deviant behavior you are writing about?

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Running head: PICK POCKETING


Pick Pocketing Outline

Pick pocketing is considered as a form of deviant behavior within American society.

It entails stealing of money and other valuables goods from the victim's pocket

In this writing we are going to discuss more on the statistics of this crime being
committed, look into theoretical perspective and how this deviant behavior would look
like in the future.

I used information from credible secondary sources to write this research paper.

I obtained information from PowerPoint slides used in class, which guided me in writing
my research.

There are various facto...

Just the thing I needed, saved me a lot of time.

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