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You are a job applicant interested in the position of Marketing Manager at Jay Marketing. Following is a description of the required profile

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Resume Writing Tips for 2014

10 Seconds and Counting

Recruiters spend an average of 10 seconds reviewing each resume, so you’ll want yours to be...

1) Concise (You only have 10 seconds)

2) Structured (You only have 10 seconds)

3) Specific (You guessed it... 10 seconds)

Add a Link

Sometimes the hiring manager or HR representative may not be familiar with your former company. I suggest adding a hyperlink to the company in the Experience section of your resume. Consistency is key though and a hyperlink should be added for each company listed on your resume. Doing this quickly allows the decision maker to review a company’s products or services. Also since an increasing number of hiring managers are turning to social media to search for employees, it makes sense to include a hyperlink to your LinkedIn profile in the Contact information section of the resume.

Before Your Write Your Resume

To out distance your job-seeking competitors, follow this best practice... before writing your resume.Make a list of 10-15 (or more) mutual good-fit employers to target.

Be Specific About Your Qualifications

When applying for a position, prepare a cover letter that picks up 3 - 4 key qualifications listed in the job description and be very specific with regards to what you can offer pertaining directly to those qualifications.

Career Summaries or Objectives

A career summary is recommended for most candidates, however there are exceptions. For instance, if you have less than five years of work experience or if you’re changing careers, you’ll want to have a one to two sentence objective statement.

Focus on Your Accomplishments

The most important resume tip I offer is that you need to make the focus of the job descriptions listed on the resume a summary of what you accomplished and contributed in each of your positions. Employers are more interested in these than in what you actually did on the jobs. My second most important tip is to tell the truth. 

Keywords as Headlines

Resumes used to feature a list of keywords to entice the computerized Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Unfortunately, a list of terms isn't very enticing to human eyes and doesn't differentiate a candidate from others with the same list of skills.

Resume Length

A simple rule with flexibility is that if you have more than seven years of experience, your resume should be two pages. With less experience, write a one page resume. Your resume should never be more than two pages. For people who are older or in areas such as Management Consulting, like myself, create a biography to retain everything you have done.

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