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For this assignment, prepare a list of 5 cognates that are nouns in Spanish, 5 that are adjectives, and 5 that are verbs. The cognates can be spelled exactly the same as in English or can have spelling variations. Do not use the same words as in the examples above. Also make a list of 5 false cognates in Spanish  (whether nouns, verbs or adjectives) and translate them into English. There will be 20 words. Label them as nouns, adjectives, verbs, false cognates. (You don't have to color code them, just label them into 4 categories.)

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Please find attached the word document with a total of 20 cognates. Each list of 5 is labeled as either nouns, verbs, adjectives, or false cognates. In parentheses I have also added the English spelling for those cognates that aren't spelled e...

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