Part A: Discussion: Tech Support Experience. Part B: Reply to two of your peers' posts and provide feedback.

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Part A::: Think of a time when you had to call technical support for a device or appliance. Share this experience with your peers and consider the following:

How was the overall experience?

Were you satisfied with the final outcome?

  • Was there anything that you think should have been done differently?
  • Part B::: Reply to two of the posts below(separately) and provide feedback. Compare or contrast your experience with theirs. Offer a solution to an issue they may have experienced.
  • Post 1: I think my example of a time I had to call technical support is something most of us have gone through, calling the ISP because the internet was out and wouldn't come back on. They walked me through the regular troubleshooting tasks such as restarting router and modem and fully unplugging them. They then tried to reset it on their end. Overall my experience was not good because I had already done the troubleshooting stuff, so this part of the call was pointless, and they were not able to get it fixed. They had to send someone out 2 days later. In today's day, having no internet is a huge problem, considering I am an avid gamer and a full time online student. This contributed to my bad experience in a large way. If something could have been done differently I would have had them send someone out right away because this problem caused me to get very behind on my homework. 

Post 2: I can't think of too many time where I have hd to call Tech Support, only one situation really comes to mind. With the purchase of my first smartphone, an early generation iPhone, I was following the directions on the website to replace my old phone on my plan with the new iPhone. I got mostly through the setup then when it was time to place the test call, nothing happened. I tried a few more times, the test call remained unsuccessful. Figuring something was done improperly, I phoned Tech Support. The technician informed me that since it was a smartphone they would need finalize the setup. The technician was pleasant and helpful, and the over all experience was a positive one. They listened to my issue, and knew the proper procedure to fix it. They resolved my issue, by activating my phone and staying on the line until I was able to confirm that I was able to place a call successfully, which I greatly appreciated. The one thing I would change about this experience would be stating in the setup documentation, that smart phones would need to be activated by the provider and self-activation was not available for these devices yet. Otherwise, I was very satisfied with the technicians professionalism and timely resolution. 

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Technical Support Experience



Part A
The time I had to call Technical Support purchased my first drone. I had ordered the drone online
and it was delivered by the company through one of their sales agents. After using the drone for
two days, it could not lift off for aerial use. I read the manual on troubleshooting and simple
repairs. I followed the steps but they did not yield results. I am an expert in repair...

I was having a hard time with this subject, and this was a great help.


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