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Visit the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's MyEnvironment site at http://www.epa.gov/myenvironment (Links to an external site.), and enter your city and state, ZIP code, or location into the location box.

Choose one of the topic areas.

My Health

My Climate

My Air

My Water

  • Then, click on the boxes under the Map Contents menu to add data into the map on specific topics. Explore the site to learn more about your environment and things that might be impacting the health of its citizens.
  • Identify something new you learned about your environment and how it could be affecting health by completing this statement, "I didn't know _____."
  • How could you, in the role of a community health nurse, address these concerns?

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Surname 1
After reviewing the Environment statistics on my community within Florida Miami
Dade County, I learned that per every 1000 births, an average of 72.10 are born at a low birth
weight, which is less than 5.5 lbs. (United States Environmental Protection Agency, 2014).
While a relatively small number, this is a huge health concern as the University of Roches...

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