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Italian Job

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Movie Analysis of the “Italian Job”
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Summary of the Movie “The Italian Job”

In the movie, the ‘Italian Job’ is a heist and crime thriller directed by F. Gary Gray
featuring Mark Wahlberg, Donald Sutherland, Jason Statham, Charlize Theron, and others.
This 2003 movie is a crime movie involving organized crime with professional thieves that
have teamed up to steal gold bullion from another gang sight. The organized crime manages to
steal the gold bullion, but after the successful escape plan, betrayal is paramount from one of
their team members Steve featuring Edward Norton. However, as Steve betrays the whole team
and thinks they are all dead, the gang team is reorganized by Mark Wahlberg and plan revenge
once they got the whereabouts of Steve. Vengeance and organized crimes are the main themes
of this movie (IMDb, 2019). Besides, the paper will provide a movie analysis on the ‘Italian
Job’ and discuss the crimes and crime theories involved.
Discussion of the Crimes Involved in the “Italian Job”
The first significant crime involved in this movie is organized crime, whereby Mark
Wahlberg and his old-time friends come up with a plan to benefit their socioeconomic struggle.
Organized crime is a type of crime that involves a group that is specialized in any robbery that
benefits them socioeconomically or politically. In the ‘Italian Job’ movie, organized crime is
profound because everyone has a role to play when they get to steal the gold bullion in Venice.
This crew consists of professional thieves, which include a vault cracker who is Charlize
Theron, a professional escape plan driver who is Jason St...

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