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1) An antenna is connected to a car battery. Will the antenna emit electromagnetic radiation? Why or why not? Explain.

2) A light-year is a measure of distance (not time). How many meters does light travel in a year?

3) How long does it take a laser beam to travel to the Moon and back? Take the Earth Moon distance to 384,000 km.

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1. the antenna will not emit electromagnetic radiation... the battery gives of direct voltage and cannot give suffiencient means to provide the antenna to make electromagnetic radiation. an antenna needs an alternating current for it to produce electromagnetic radiation.

2. light year equals 300,000 m/s: 300000 m/s * 3600s/1hr * 24hr/1day * 365day/year = 9.4608x10^12 m

3. 384,000 km ---> 3.84x10^8 m: so to and bck is 3.84x10^8 + 3.84x10^8 = 7.68x10^8... the speed of beam will be the speed of light which is 3x10^8 m/s.. so 7.68x10^8 m / 3x10^8 = 2.56 s

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