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The paper must be from 5 to 7 double spaced pages, including a title page with an abstract at the bottom.There are other options for the content of the paper as well, if need be.

Anything about the difficulties of sociological factors including race or

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A society exists as a unit and encounters challenges along the way. All members experience
similar social problems that sociologists seek to provide solutions. This paper discusses common
social problems in the modern world. The problems include inequalities on basis on race, gender,
ethnicity, age, national origin and other factors. Other problems are poverty, lack of proper
education, healthcare, violence, drug use, high incarceration and police brutality against the
minorities. The problems can be solved by first perceiving self positively amidst any problems
and build a positive attitude towards life. Some problems such as drug use require intervention of
strategies law to end or combat drug use.

Option D

Option D

The world today is full of problems and anxieties that every individual encounters in their
life. This essay discusses the problems, conflicts, inequalities, and anxieties associated with the
modern world. The essay also suggests strategies or actions a person should take to cope with the
problems or stresses and lead a meaningful.
Social problems in the modern world
Inequality refers to the existence of unbalanced opportunities for different social
positions and different social groups based on race, ethnicity, gender, nationality, age, sex, level
of income among other factors. Majority of the social problems have a connection to inequality.
Inequality entails imbalances in power, opportunities, and economic resources. There are
unequal treatment and opportunities for different people in the modern world. The inequalities
manifest in various areas in the modern world which include but not limited to education,
housing, healthcare, workplaces, leisure facilities or other social places and judicial systems
(Saperstein & Penner, 2012).
Race refers to the quality of being black or white or rather classifying people based on
their biological differences and origin of their ancestors (Saperstein & Penner, 2012). Racism is
discrimination directed to a person because of their race believing that one person is superior to
another. In America, any person with African ancestry is con...

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